9 reasons to install security doors in Melbourne

Let’s get the record straight, shall we? No matter how safe it seems, we all want some more security to protect ourselves. But here are 9 more reasons to persuade installing security doors in Melbourne.

1.Australia has the 5th highest rate of burglaries in the world

5th does not sound so high? Listen on. All other countries are in Europe with much smaller population. So, we have the highest burglary rate other than Europe, and possibly the highest in the world.

2.Burglaries are really common in Australia

Between 2016 and 2017, there were 225,900 recorded burglaries in Australia, 1 in every 3 minutes, that 2.5% of all Australian households. Recorded? Because only 75% reported the incident to the police. From the reported cases, 74% had property stolen and 49% had property damaged. Even more terrible, 10% of the offender(s) have confronted someone in the household.

3.Is it so in Victoria then?

Victoria has the third highest percentage of population that had been broken into at 2.8%, trailing Western Australia at 4.3% and Northern Territories at 5%. Don’t be eased up just yet. Victoria has the greatest number of break-ins, 65200 to be exact. 28.9% of all burglaries in Australia happened in Victoria.

4.Do you feel safe?

Despite average burglary rate reported by Victorian Police in 2018 reduced by 10% as compared to 2017 as “only” one in 76 homes was burgled. But 85% of Victorians still believe the state has a crime problem and a third believed it’s serious. 1 in 4 respondents said crime is a regular occurrence in their community.

5.I don’t

Not even on the way home. Crimes even occur in Melbourne train stations with 354 in Dandenong and 193 in Sunshine, while a vicious bashing happened in Springvale. Protective Services Officers at the train stations you say? But they cannot arrest someone on outstanding warrants until they actually commit a crime.

6.The government is spending big money to protect us

While the state government spent $52.5 million at the CBD installing bollards to prevent car attacks (which I support), we are lacking crime-deterrent measures outside of the city where most of us live.

7.Back to burglaries

We have to understand the burglars to prevent them. 68% of break-ins are through unlocked door or windows. Those are mistakes. But 55% is through breaking a door, a window or a lock. Despite home security systems are great deterrents to property crime, only 29.6% of Australian homes have working security systems and 42.2% deemed the said systems are unnecessary or unaffordable.


55% of the home broken into do not have a security system and 24.3% of them installed such systems after being broken into.

9.Maintenance of systems

Despite installing a home security system, 8% of burglars said they have encountered false or inactive security systems. Seriously guys?

A security door solution is deemed best as both physical and visible deterrent to burglars while requiring minimal maintenance. Why not protect your precious properties with some simple tricks?