8 Best Free Online Meeting and Screen Sharing Tools

Share screen allows you to display your computer screen to one or more contacts. It is the perfect solution for business presentations, showing photos with friends and family, or getting help with your tech-savvy friend.

Here, we will share some free web tools to share the screen for online meetings and web conferencing. So what follows are 8 online meeting and screen sharing software can be used freely, and are also perfectly suited to professionals to get the job done easily with teamwork.

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

This is a free video conferencing software that allows the business to any level to host online meetings or employee training with up to 100 people simultaneously.

Besides its HD video and crystal clear audio, it also offers a powerful screen sharing function. You can use it to share your screens with others no matter where they are. You can also share screens on your mobile devices, such as the laptop, tablet, or mobile phones, etc.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is cost-effective and easy to use. You can easily join a meeting online from the web browser without downloading its app.

2. Skype

The second tool we would like to recommend is Skype because it is free and many professionals around the world are using and recommending it.

To share your screen with friends or team members using Skype, download it to your computer and then finish the installation.

Once you have successfully installed Skype on your computer, you need to start a voice or video call with a friend and, while chatting, tap or click + (plus sign) and select the share screens.

3. is faster, easier and more reliable tool for sharing screens and online meetings for world-class professionals and businesses. is loved by the most innovative companies in the world. This is Place 1 in customer satisfaction for ease of use, speed and reliability.

It comes with free plans: Free, Pro and Enterprise. If you are a beginner and do not need more features, you can go with a free plan and easily download it on your computer. Otherwise, more features, go with Pro or Enterprise plans.

4. Screenleap

Screenleap is another free screen sharing tool online for professionals. One of the best things about this tool is that it allows you to split the screen from any device with a browser (including computers, tablets, and smartphones) without having to install any software.

Another great thing is that viewers are even required to create an account to view the screen. That means, just enter the action code and go live. Is not this a great feature?

Other than its free plan, it also comes with Basic, Pro and more advanced business plan features. But if it is needed for limited and personal use, a free plan will be best for you.

5. FreeScreenSharing

FreeScreenSharing is another online meeting service designed to share screens, web conferencing, product presentations, seminars and more. The best thing about it is that it is absolutely free to use without a premium or business plan.

It is perfect for web presentations, product presentations, product presentations, seminars, training, etc. It allows you to have a maximum of 1000 participants meeting online.

To start using it, just create an account on her website. Once you create your account, you will need to download Adobe Flash and Java on your computer.

6. TeamViewer

TeamViewer connects you to any computer or server, anywhere in the world in seconds. You can remotely control your partner’s computer just like they were sitting in front of him.

From sales presentation to training and large international meetings with up to 25 participants, you have every opportunity available to you.

It is free to download on Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS for non-commercial use. If you think to download it for commercial use, you just have to pay a one-time fee for it without any monthly or annual one-off charge.

7. Mikogo

Mikogo is the simplest and free screen sharing software for both commercial and personal use. Allows participants to join a session, even without downloading the software or a flash on the computer.

If you are planning an online meeting, just sign up for a free account and start immediately. This allows you to divide any document or application onto a screen of up to 3 meeting participants (as a free plan) in real time.

Other than his free plan, he also has a Professional and Enterprise plan for improved features. If you want to share a screen with more than 3 participants (as many as 3 participants allowed on a free plan), you can switch from a professional plan that allows you to split the screen from up to 25 participants in real time. For even more, you can opt for the Enterprise Plan.

8. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is the easiest video conferencing and screen sharing online tool because it allows you to share your screen without having to download any software and even without creating a new account.

All you have to do is visit GoToMeeting website and click the Start Meeting button, and then it allows you to invite people to meet and share the screen.

The only thing that can hurt you is that his free plan allows you to add only three participants to the meeting. If you have more than 3 participants, you can go to his bonus plans, which are of three types: Starter (up to 5 participants), Pro (up to 25 participants) and Plus (up to 100 participants).