7 Tips on Choosing the Right Freight Forwarder

A freight forwarder arranges facilities to collect, store and deliver cargo. It is essential for a customer to also learn if the freight forwarder hired by them owns a good warehouse fulfilment services too. Only then the order fulfilment services in California can reach the products of the Californians at a rapid way.

To make your choices of freight forwarders easier, we give 10 quick tips

  1. Know your needs
    1. Determine the mode of transport you wish to use
    2. Check if the order fulfilment services in California provide special options to “Handle with Care” cargos.
  2. Research their Warehouse Fulfilment Service
    1. Check if the service provider work under one roof to make things faster
    2. Research if they own a good warehouse fulfilment service to store the transported goods at every branch.
    3. Check if the storage is located closer to the city limits
  3. Check if they provide multiple shipment
    1. The freight forwarder should be able to provide air, sea and road route services. This proves that they are one of the best order fulfilment services California and also over the world.
    2. Check if they have experience in working with partners all over the world. This will make your delivery faster.
  4. Look for their diversity

    1. Research if the freight forwarder delivers diverse goods like machines, food, chemicals, perishables, etc.
    2. Look if cold storages and temperature controlled storages are within their warehouse fulfilment services. Even a partnership should do!
  5. Prefer a trade association member
    1. The best order fulfilment services in California are always a member of the trade associations. This gives them an overview of various problems and obstacles in their field.
    2. Joining such an association requires efficiency, reputation and many other requirements. Only a successful and dedicated member would be a member.
  6. Point of contact
    1. Ask who will be responsible to answer your doubts throughout the process.
    2. Also enquire how will the communication happen, over phone, e – mail or web tracking
  7. Check if the freight forwarder has a network
    1. This important because, when there is a delay, natural calamity, customs issue, strike, the mid – stuck goods should be stored safely.

Hiring a freight forwarder that offers good pricing structures, reliable service levels and wide range of shipping options can benefit your organization in arrays of ways. Sometimes, it’s better to choose a freight service provider than specialises in a specific market or trade lane, instead than a global organisation. Doing so is essential because there is more chance that the freight forwarding company that focuses its services to or from a particular country, will more often offer better rates because of good buying power or from that specific location. And also they have a good understanding on export or import rules or custom clearance and local formalities etc.

It is absolutely wise decision to hire freight forwarder as they make use of ship, plane, truck or train transport. So, when you are planning to avail services of a freight forwarder in California, making your own considerations will help you and your business in many ways

Last but not least, never forget to check if the company is licensed