5 useful tips for ACT test takers to reach target score

Are you looking to score high in ACT? Or maybe you are struggling with your test and aren’t sure regarding how to go about it. There are tons of students that undertake ACT test each year and they strive hard to achieve good marks. However, it is a test of skills and knowledge and takes a lot from a student. Therefore, one has to pay attention to ACT test prep and carefully study course material.

There are instances when students know about the answers. However, they approach the test in a wrong manner, and if you fall in this category then the results are certainly heartbreaking for you. Believe me that you are not alone and there are tons of individuals who commit this mistake of approaching the test in a wrong manner. So, here are a few considerations for you.

Don’t solve questions in order

I do not suggest that you should start skipping every odd or even question and solve the next one but skip only those that you aren’t sure about. Create an order of your own. Start by the questions that you can do right now. Take a look at the outlook of the question. How does it look at first glance? If you are confident about it and know how to do it, start working on it. If you think that you might be able to solve the question by giving it a try, leave it for ‘later.’ And simply skip the questions that you feel like ‘this is tough and it is probably going to be a guess’ for the end.

Guessing the answers

When you are about to guess, pick up two letters that feel appealing to you in the test. There are times when you might be able to pair A and F or C and H. Once you have created a combination of two letters, stick to it and just put these answers in the questions that you don’t know. If you are uniform in your approach, there are strong chances that you’ll be able to score high. Students taking ACT test should know that they don’t deduct marks for wrong answers. So, you must not shy in guessing the questions. Never leave the queries unanswered.

Eliminating wrong answers

There is another approach for questionsthat are confusing. Multiple choice questions provide you one correct and multiple wrong answers. So, if you have a hard time finding the right answer, start eliminating the wrong ones. Chances are that after eliminating the wrong options you will end up with only a couple of choices so deciding the answer becomes easy for you. You may even end up with a single choice only by eliminating all the wrong answers.

What else?

Apart from the above, as you go through your ACT test prep, make sure that you craft a decent strategy for solving each section. Solve the sample question papers and know your weak areas. Know which kind of mistakes you are making the most. Whether you are rushing in on questions, failing to comprehend the statement, or just don’t know how to solve it?