maintain your AC

5 Tips to maintain your AC during Off Season

The life saver of the summer season remains untouched and ignored during the entire phase of winters. A little work can help you save on that extra money, energy and also initiate in increase in the life span of your device. In order to ensure the highest efficiency, you need to put in some effort and attention into your air conditioners. You can find multiple ways to preserve your Air Conditioner Online.

Similarly we present a few tips to ensure that your air conditioner lasts longer and works efficiently and effectively.

Regular Clean Ups and Replacement of Air Filters

One of the leading factors that contribute to the cooling of an air conditions is its air filters, which demands maintenance and frequent replacements in order to ensure the best cooling effect.

You can buy air filters for your Air Conditioner Online, to prolong the life of the device. If a filter is used past its prime time, it can cause significant damage to the product, creating dust clots and allergen within it. Some AC’s come with a reusable air filter, which should be cleaned every other week, where as some AC’s come with air filters which straight up can only be replaced, which should be replaced after every 3 months.

Clean the condenser coils once every season

Dust and dirt, gets collected overtime inside the condenser coils, which increases the stress on the condenser in order to remove heat, forcing the device to consume extra electricity that will initially reflect on your electricity bill, when you will eventually start using your air conditioner. You can refer to Google to gain some help on cleaning Air Conditioner Online.

Make sure that you don’t create any unnecessary dent on the aluminum coil fins, its best if you use a handy fin comb for its cleaning. Its cleaning is also essentially to ensure a smooth water condensation by the device.

maintain your AC

Relocate the Air Conditioners if you must

Sometimes, leaving your window air conditioner hanging on the window in off season can lead to increased chances of drafts and which can lead to higher energy consumption. You can seek help from movers or service centers for Air Conditioner Online, which can help you with initial cleaning as well as the storage of the product. Even while storing the AC make sure that it’s completely covered and the room doesn’t contribute to any kind of external threats like insects, mice and other miscellaneous factors. Attics, basements are best suited for preserving the product during off season. And if you must keep the device mounted in the window throughout the year, just make sure it’s covered and protected against any form of weather damage.

Remote Control

Make sure that you empty you remote control by removing its batteries, in order to prevent any rusting in the remote due to seasonal changes. Also ensure and check your remote, if it’s working fine or not during the initial arrival of summer. In case you change the batteries and the device fails to operate, you will be ahead of time to replace it by purchasing a remote for Air Conditioner Online or through any other market.

Water Pan cleaning

In order to ensure the prevention of any form of musty odor or molds development in the air, make sure to clean the water pan and condenser unit with a dish detergent and warm water. This can be done through the inside base of these units, to ensure cleanliness and a healthy environment. You can find different types of advance Air Conditioner Online, which now come with self cleaners, and offer multiple filters like bacterial cleaning, air cleansing and vitamin C filter.

Off Season Trial Check Ups

In order to ensure effective and efficient working of the product, make sure to run the AC at least thrice, during the off season, just to see if it’s working fine. And to ensure that it has not become a home to insects. You can avoid these insect problems, by opting to cover the device or by storing it in a safer place.

Air Conditioner Online has become one of the leading markets in the electronic world. However these devices can cost you more than Rs. 15,000. So, in order to save money, and sustain the resources use these tips to prevent any kind of damage to your product by assuring it longevity.