3 ways to boost the call quality within a call centre

An organisation must give prior importance to call centre agents because they are the one who represents the business entities. Customers coming up with complaints and issues are likely to first interact with the agents. This is why a vendor providing call centre service hires managers to train their agents to be polite, humble and respect customers. Eloquent and empathic agents will definitely drive-in potential customers. After all, customer support service is the only way to reach new heights of success for an organisation.

Here are a few basic ways to boost the call quality of an agent within a call centre:

  • Try to make your customer smile

A smile on your face always impacts the person you are talking to whether on phone or face-to-face. A happy agent will always attract customers, to purchase the deal or continue a smooth conversation. Although a customer cannot see, whether the agent is glad to speak with the customer or not, but he/she can surely realise the mood of the representatives from the voice and the way the agent is approaching the customer.

Agencies must train their consultants to smile as they put their best foot forward to initiate practical and effectual customer support service.

  • Elucidate customer queries and complaints

Incomplete interaction leads to feeble customer service whether from the side of the customer or the agents. Sometimes customers are too perplexed with their situations to clearly explain their problems.

In such cases, it is the duty of an agent to make sure that whether the customer is able to comprehend what the agent is trying to convey. And to establish a strong connection between the customer and agent, the call consultant must ask open-ended questions like, “what is troubling you” or “when did your system start functioning in…?” Such question unbolts the door of relevant information from the customer.

  • Agent must be good listen

“A good conversation starts with good listening.”

Call centre agent trying to excel in their career must possess the wise quality of listening to their customer queries. Listening to your patrons is a technique that is frequently overlooked by the call managers and consultants.

There is a thin line between being a good listener and paying attention. An agent working in top call centre service agency should pay attention to what the customer is saying only solve the problem but can never connect with the person on a personal level if they don’t listen to them carefully.

By expressing empathy towards the caller, an agent can gain trust and loyalty from the customer. Once the agent has won the trust of the customer then the interaction between the customer and the agents are likely to run effortlessly.

It might be difficult at first to put a continuous smile on your face throughout the day, or understand the situation of your patrons, but with practice and dedication, everything will fall into place. Call managers must continuously encourage their team to work hard and maintain the quality of the call every time they talk to a customer.