3 Most Critical Web Design Features

Having been designing websites for over ten years, we know a thing or two about good quality web design in Melbourne. While many designers can often incorporate unique and innovative designs, sometimes this can be at the expense of functionality and usability.

Beyond anything else, there are some non-negotiables when it comes to web design. Below, we’ve highlighted three points that we need to see on a website before we can say that it’s approved. If even one of these is missing, forget about it!

Fast Load Times

This one is crucial on so many levels. Users don’t want to wait for a website to load; with 4G mobile and high-speed internets now a utility like water or gas, a slow site is simply unacceptable. If you want users to stay and engage with your website, slowing them down with poor-loading imagery or videos is not the way to go about it.

Work diligently to stay on top of page speed through quality design and development processes, ensuring that images are uploaded correctly, the code is optimised and that the website runs as smoothly as possible.

Streamlined, Consistent Web Design

When you land on a website and dig a little deeper, you want to see a little consistency. This means having page templates complimenting each other, copy and content lining up and much more. Not just from a branding perspective (which certainly helps), but also regarding usability and engagement.

If a template changes from one page to the next and it’s not consistent, users might get a little jolt. If imagery lurches from clear and professional to blurry and too casual, users can feel uneasy, questioning the worth of the brand that has such a poor website. Working hard to ensure consistent web design across all pages certainly pays off regarding user engagement and usability too.

Varied Text Fonts, Colours and Sizes

One of the worst crimes you’ll see on any website is blanket paragraphs of text with no variation or design involved. Websites are not books; people don’t choose to sit down and read through swathes of text. User behaviour is far more fragmented and distractible online than in the real world, so if they don’t see the information they need, they’ll just leave.

Changing up what users are witness to on your website is critical. From large, bold fonts to bright colours, varying the content can successfully hold attention, allowing for a deeper comprehension of ideas presented. Even just something as simple as including more line breaks can introduce dead space, giving users a breather between content pieces.

Engaging Call to Actions

If the purpose of your website is to reach out and connect with your users, you want some amazing call to actions in place so that they can appropriate get in touch. These call to actions can be as simple as “call now” buttons all the way through to free downloads, gathering user information and providing unique and helpful learning’s in response.

What you don’t want to do is present these call to actions in a dull or boring way, causing users to fail to connect with your messages, and ultimately, to connect with you. Call to actions should be bold and vibrant, in well-travelled sections, allowing users to get in touch as soon as they are ready for it. Without, users will just waste time, and you’ll struggle to make an impact.

Get Good Quality Web Design Today!

Good quality web design in Melbourne is not hard to find. Some people might offer cheaper services, ultimately leading you to have a more mediocre website, but others can provide innovative and engaging solutions that feature all these points and much more. Find the right web designer and watch your website flourish.