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    4 Unique Brand Merchandise Items to Spread Your Image

    Think promotional items have gone the way of the dodo bird?

    Think again. The truth is that 80% of Americans have at least one type of brand merchandise. And 60% of them keep unique promotional items for at least two years.

    We live in a digital age, but nothing can replace physical brand merchandise. The question is: What types of merchandise are best for promoting your business?

    Here are five ideas for memorable and unique brand merchandise.

    • USB Flash Drives

    These days, we store lots of documents in the cloud, but there are times when we still need physical storage for digital files. Have you thought about ordering customized USB drives as a unique promotional item?

    It’s not the cheapest item on our list, but it’s one of the most useful. Experts estimate that flash drives can last up to 10 years or through 100,000 write-and-erase cycles, so this is one product your customers are sure to keep and use.

    • Iron-On Patches

    Branded T-shirts are so yesterday. Savvy business owners have made the switch to other types of wearable merchandise, such as iron-on patches.

    Think about it: They’re cheaper than T-shirts or hoodies, and you don’t have to worry about sizes or colors. You can customize them to include your logo or any other aspect of your brand, and the customer is free to place it wherever they like.

    Like this idea? You can take a look here for inspiration.

    • Plush Blankets

    Chances are some of your customers are stuck working in offices that are too cold for their comfort level. Others may face thermostat battles while they work or study from home along with the rest of their family.

    Give the gift of thoughtfulness with a branded plush blanket. Choose from a micro-size all the way up to an oversized blanket, or select a wearable version that wraps around their neck and shoulders.

    Even if they simply toss it over the back of the couch for decoration, it’s free advertising for everyone who comes to visit.

    • Mini Desk Humidifiers

    Over a quarter of Americans are still working from home (or will continue to work from home) after the pandemic ends. We need all the help we can get to create a comfortable home office, so why not give your customers a branded humidifier?

    This brand merchandise is as practical as it is functional. Not only does it help to battle dry skin and cracked lips, but research shows it can help to combat airborne viruses.

    Choose a mini humidifier that operates with a USB cord so users can plug it right into their computer and get to work. They’ll think of your brand all day long!

    Try Unique Brand Merchandise for Your Company

    So, which types of promotional items are ideal for your business? Have a brainstorming session with your team and see which of these ideas would work best for you!

    We’ve discussed the ins and outs of brand merchandise, so what happens next? Keep browsing our site for more stellar tips and advice.