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    How Do Solar Panels Work? A Simple Guide

    Have you always wondered, “How do solar panels work”?

    Sure, you know solar is out there and that it’s a great renewable source of power, but how can you harness the sun’s energy to reduce your carbon footprint and energy bill at the same time?

    If you want more knowledge about solar energy, keep reading!

    We’ll tell you all about how and when it got invented and how it can help you save on energy bills!

    Solar Panel Science

    The sun has been an energy source for billions of years and will continue to do so for billions more. The idea of harnessing the sun as a source of energy has been in the human psyche since the seventh century BC.

    However, the actual technology behind solar panels would not be invented until 1954 with the PV (photovoltaic) cell.

    Solar panel technology took off from there and kept evolving to where it is today. They are being used on everything from space travel to more common home uses we see today.

    How Do Solar Panels Work?

    This may be a very simple way of looking at it, but solar panels work by shaking electrons off atoms using photons, which are particles of light. When the electrons come off of the atoms, this generates a flow of electricity.

    The large solar panels, as you know them, are made up of many smaller PV cells. These cells are made up of conductive materials like silicon.

    Each cell recieves a negative or positive charge by using another material. Boron can be used to provide a cell with a positive charge, while something like phosphorus can give a cell a negative charge. This creates an electric field.

    When the sunlight hits the panel and the electron comes free of the atom, the electric field created by those PV cells pushes the electron out, and it’s turned into usable energy.

    Once this process is done, those electrons pushed out can get used like any other source of electricity.

    How to Use Solar Panels at Home

    Now that you understand how solar works, wondering how do solar panels work at home? Home solar panels are one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint, increase your home’s value, and reduce your energy bills.

    Companies like Blue Raven Solar can help you determine everything you need to know when buying solar panels. They’ll help you figure out the types of solar panels and what will work for your specific needs.

    Now You Know How to Harness Solar Energy

    You no longer have to ask, “How do solar panels work?” We hope this article about solar power has been helpful and perhaps has swayed you to purchase this renewable energy source for your own home.

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