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    Places you can visit when leaving the Moco Museum

    You are planning your next trip to Amsterdam. One of the richest cities in art and culture. It is difficult to decide on all the places that this great city has to offer. One of the first visits of every art lover is to the Moco Museum. Its rebellious and young art will catch more than one. Although it is one of the most emblematic that exist in the city, there are other options of museum Amsterdam that you can visit. However, here we are going to talk about other places where you can go in Amsterdam. The first stop is the GVB Amsterdam Ferries. These blue colored boats will give you about 15 minutes of excitement on board. Hop across the IJ river to Buiksloterweg (Amsterdam North). No need to buy a ticket. That’s right, it’s free!

    Get your feet or your bike ready for your next destinations

    Amsterdam is full of places that will captivate more than one. There are many places that you might find creative and eye-catching. But let’s mention two that are worth a visit on your next trip. The first is the Skinny Bridge (Magere Brug). This wooden drawbridge spans the Amstel river at Kerkstraat between the Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht canals. Illuminated with more than 1000 light bulbs, it is only allowed for the transit of cyclists and pedestrians. The second is the Cuyperspassage Foot/Cycle Tunnel. It is located on the western side of Amsterdam Central Station which connects the city to the IJ ferry port. Its construction was completed in 2015. It has a width of 10 meters, a height of 3 meters and you will need to travel 110 meters to go through it completely. A highlight is the 80,000 glazed Delft Blue tiles adorning the pedestrian walkway.

    More water and a place banned by the government

    Amsterdam is surrounded by water. One of its great attractions are its water canals. Perfect for a romantic trip or just a relaxing stroll. One of the canals you should visit is the Amsterdam Canal Ring. This canal is part of the world heritage declared by UNESCO in 2010. It surrounds the city while enjoying a wonderful view of all the buildings full of stories. However, not everything is relaxing in Amsterdam. There is a no-go zone since 2020 by the city council. Guided tours are not allowed. The decision to go is up to you. It is called the Red-Light District (or De Wallen). Here you can get prostitutes behind windows, cafés, and even peep shows. If you decide to go, try to keep yourself in your 5 senses and pay attention to the pickpockets.

  • Health

    Keeping Your Teeth Healthy In Summer

    Nowadays, people have become very conscious about their oral health as they want to enjoy their life to the fullest. It is the main reason why people have started to search for immaculate dentists who can help them in achieving amazing oral health. If you have a similar desire then you have arrived at the perfect place as we will help you to understand the importance of good oral health as well as guide you to find the ideal dentist for your requirements. You should only hire an experienced and proficient dentist to ensure you are getting the best dental solutions that are affordable and painless.

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    2. Up-To-Date tools – When it comes to dental care then there are various dental problems those individuals have and to treat such issues, the dentist must have the latest equipment and tools in their clinic. This equipment helps in identifying oral issues from the root cause and treat them at the earlier stages so they give you any hassle later.
    3. Patient-friendly environment – You will be glad to know this fact that all the dental clinics are very friendly to their customers and you won’t have any sort of problem while you visit the dental clinic. You can share your concerns and demands with your dentist and they will do their level best to provide treatments according to your needs.
    4. Worth for your money – Most people think that dental services are very costly but that is not the reality at all. Most dentists are offering affordable services that can fit with any budget. The icing on the cake is that you can gain a lot of rewards simply by booking your dentist appointment online.

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  • Architecture

    Art beyond the walls of the Moco Museum

    We are talking about a city rich and varied in art. The most emblematic artists in history have been born here. We can even see works by more recent artists at the Moco Museum. There is never a corner in this city that does not have an artistic touch. But there are several options that you can enjoy after visiting the museum Amsterdam. One of them is the Amsterdam Gallery, formerly known as the Schuttersgalerij or Civic Guards’ Gallery. The gallery links the Begijnensteeg alley with the museum located on Kalverstraat-St Luciensteeg. It’s free to access. If you decide to visit this emblematic place, you will be able to get a few old Dutch Masters portrait paintings. A bit of artistic history where you can perceive the way the artists saw the world.

    Art with a different touch

    There are many ways to express yourself in art. It is not limited to paintings and sculptures. Art is everything we do with our talents. Whatever you build with your talents, call it art. A good reason to talk about buildings is to visit the ARCAM Amsterdam Architecture Centre. Be captivated by thousands of revolutionary ideas in architectural design, urban design and landscape architecture. Located at Prins Hendrikkade 600, it offers a chronological display of Amsterdam’s architectural history. Another good option is the Maritime Museum Courtyard Glass Roof. The roof is constructed with about 1200 pieces of glass forming a pattern inspired by compass roses from old nautical maps. And the best part is that you can visit this place for free. If you like the art on display at the Moco Museum, you can\’t miss the architectural sites after you finish your visit to the museum Amsterdam.

    Architecture with a European touch

    We continue talking about architecture. This time we are going to introduce you to Around Europe in 7 Houses (Zevenlandenhuizen) built by the Dutch architect Tjeerd Kuipers (1857-1942). These houses are part of Antwerp’s Universal Exhibition of 1894. Each of these houses were designed and built with a unique European touch. They are located at the Roemer Visscherstraat, a peaceful street near Vondelpark. The houses are: a German Romantic house, a French Loire chateau, a southern Spanish-Moorish villa, an Italian Palazzo, a Russian cathedral-like house, a Dutch Renaissance house and an English cottage. To finish your visit, don’t forget to stop by the Beurspassage. It is a passageway decorated by noted local artists which links Damrak to Nieuwendijk. Its 450 square meters are a tribute to the canals of Amsterdam.