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    Labuan Bajo is waiting for you to explore it

    Love the shoreline? Love nature? At that point Labuan Bajo is next on your rundown. In the event that you’ve never known about this Asian heaven in Flores, Indonesia, it’s not very late to find out about it now.

    Labuan Bajo is a piece of a bigger district in Indonesia, called the Flores. They are most well known for the Komodo winged serpents that live in the national park, and is a prevalent plunging and swimming spot, no part because of the perfectly clear waters and copious marine life.

    In case you’re one that selects to go for the street less voyaged, skirt the vacationer crowd, and still absorb the bright Asian shoreline, I am sure that staying at a Labuan Bajo Hotel provided by Ayana, will make you and your skin, making you return more content with yourself. All things considered, isn’t this why we remain separated from the real world?

    Here I share a definitive guide of getting around Labuan Bajo, activities in Labuan Bajo and the different islands around Flores to visit. You’ll leave this post with a superior thought on what to do in Labuan Bajo.

    The most effective method to go to Labuan Bajo, Indonesia

    Labuan Bajo’s air terminal is named after its prized creature, the Komodo mythical serpent – Komodo Airport. It is open by a few nearby flight bearers, for example, Garuda, Transnusa and Wings Air.

    To get to Labuan Bajo, take a non-stop departure from Denpasar, Bali to Labuan Bajo. Something else, other significant Indonesian airplane terminals fly here too.A two-way ticket can cost as low as USD160 from Denpasar.

    Then again, there are water crafts or ships leaving from Kuta, in Lombok, to Labuan Bajo. While this can be an exciting knowledge, it takes over multi day to reach Labuan Bajo, comprehensive of the transport ride exchanges also.

    What to do in Labuan Bajo, Indonesia

    1. Komodo National Park

    Komodo National Park is an astonishing background for everybody, a very surprising one from territory Bali, and a positive top Labuan Bajo fascination! The recreation center comprises of 3 islands – Komodo, Padar and Rinca Islands.

    Komodo National Park is additionally an UNESCO World Heritage Site, devoted explicitly for the security of the Komodo Dragon, which is remarkable to this district, just as other marine species, for example, the Pygmy Seahorse, Whale Sharks, promotion Eagle Rays among numerous others.

    The island has a hot and dry atmosphere for most pieces of the year. You can anticipate delectable dark colored grass, over a meter high, making you feel just as you’re strolling through a savannah. You can likewise climb to the highest point of the slopes on the island to get an amazing perspective on the whole island.

    You should pay an expense to enter the National Park. On the off chance that you’ve seen the news about how a Singaporean got nibbled by a Komodo Dragon recently, you’ll know not to meander the recreation center unguided. Continuously have one of the accomplished aides on the recreation center to bring you through the recreation center.

    2. Komodo Village

    A calm town close Komodo National Park, this town is home to chiefly anglers. Upon entry to the town, you will see numerous wooden stilt houses line up along the waters and ashore itself, intended to keep the Komodo Dragons from going into the houses. The town is likewise set in a conventional situation, giving the region an in all respects simple feel. There is a predetermined number of offices there, for example, a mosque and a school.

    This town offers understanding to the neighborhood neighborliness and life. Here, you can figure out how the residents, otherwise called the Komodo Tribe, live. The glow of the townspeople can be felt from seeing their faces light up and when you wave hi.


    To reach Komodo Village, the quickest path is to go by pontoon from Labuan Bajo. You could likewise arrive from Bali, notwithstanding, you should go through a progression of ports first, which can cause additional time and cost.

    3. Padar Island

    This island is an absolute necessity visit for the individuals who love nature and extraordinary perspectives. The island is known for its wonderful bended shoreline, encompassed by superb, green slopes neglect it. Each edge of the island is a truly amazing minute that you wouldn’t have any desire to miss. The slopes and landscapes are shrouded in shrubberies and midriff high grasses, making the district resemble a dry savannah.

    Here, you can trek through the island relying upon your capability level. Nonetheless, the view from the top is one that is difficult to overlook, and is one of the popular photograph taking spots on the island. It isn’t entirely reasonable for youthful youngsters to climb the slope as the ground is uneven, rough, and even tricky when wet. In any case, the trek upwards will merit your time and endeavors!

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    The Utility of Direct Response Marketing For Small Business

    Direct Response Marketing (advertising) consists of strategies, which have an immediate call-to-action for consumers. Such advertising is not just to create brand awareness, but they are targeted to invite customers to respond right away.

    Such calls to action include signing up for an email list, making a phone call or similar calls for engagement. Consumers may also be encouraged to follow your company on a Twitter business account. This makes the strategies of Direct Response Marketing (DRM) different from other kinds of marketing, and its use is encouraged by a small business marketing consultant.

    The main elements of a direct response ad are:

    • It includes a headline with a clear and compelling benefit.
    • It is aimed at reaching a specific customer or prospect that has specific needs and wants.
    • The CTA (Call To Action) is explicit and specific, i.e. it is asking for a direct response.
    • The CTA was motivating features like scarcity, urgency, time limit or even specific terms and conditions.


    Even as your firm’s marketing process unfolds, the main benefits of a DRM program are that it is measurable and trackable. Most small companies like start-ups face budget constraints. A DRM program will help you invest in your business most profitably by tracking and making adjustments to the feedback you get from customers and prospects.

    As your familiarity with DRM grows, it will become an attractive part of running a small company as it involves mining your customer database for the most likely offer which is profitable. It takes out the guesswork and is based on the actual actions of your customers and prospects, which get measured and improved. This helps you devote money and time, where it makes the most impact on your revenue.

    Some of the strategies for DRM are:

    Offering Freebies

    One highly effective strategy for DRM is offering freebies, along with your call to action. This is a great way to improve your response rates. Almost all customers like free things. Often, they will be willing to part with their e-mail in return for a free gift. This applies to even a free gift as bland as an e-book. This makes this strategy, one of the most effective tactics for direct response.

    Making Use of Emotion

    This is a popular DRM trick. Appealing to consumer emotions is the sure fire way to elicit a response. After all, this is the main aspect of DRM ads. Take care to draw on the emotions of customers when creating DRM advertising. This is the best way to promote your CTA.

    E-Mail Marketing

    They are the most common type of DRM. Every business uses some kind of marketing e-mails to reach consumers. They help in eliciting CTA which consists of online interactions. They offer a simple way for customers to stay in touch. Most customers check their e-mail at least once a day. So this is a medium rife with opportunities.

    Marketing Signs

    Banners and signs are often used in direct response advertising. You can even involve a CTA to this, by putting a mode of contact on your marketing posters and encourage people to reach out to your company. It is easy to include such direct response ads to your small budget.

    Small company owners have a tough time designing advertising tricks that fit their small budget. DRM is a highly affordable mode which drives customer interaction and engagement.