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     Finding Great Mountain Biking Trails In The City and Countryside of Toronto

    When it comes to working out, everyone is different. Some people prefer to be out on the countryside, listening to the birds chirping and taking in the fresh air. Other people find solace while exercising in the city, since activities like mountain biking can provide tranquility despite the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan area. A city like Toronto has both urban and rural areas that are ideal for mountain biking. Whether you want to be in a quiet area or find it easy to relax while listening to the noises of the city, here are a few trails that you may find appealing.

    Kelso Conservation Area

    The trail is 20 kilometres and isn’t very technical, so it’s great for beginners. However, even if you’re an intermediate biker, you’ll find that you can get a great workout in. There are also some great climbs, which allows you to get a great leg workout in. Of course, you can also park your bike and climb the trails on foot to add some variety to your workout. Kelson Conservation Area is one of the best places to take in the natural beauty of Toronto. The area gets pretty busy during the summer, so it’s best to go in the mornings before the weather gets too warm.

    Durham Forest

    Durham Forest is a 20-kilometer trail network. You’ll have a lot of biking trails to choose from, and there are even some technical trails that you can try once you become more comfortable with mountain biking. It’s easy to spend the entire day at the biking trail, since there’s lots of riding space. Make sure you bring protein-rich snacks for endurance and lots of water to prevent dehydration. The trail is located north of Pickering off Sideroad 7.

    Ganaraska Forest

    This beautiful biking trail is 100 kilometres and is a little further away than the other trails if you’re in the city of Toronto. However, the trip is well worth it if you plan on spending the entire day mountain biking. There are a number of trails you can use for biking, but there are also trails for four-wheelers and individuals who want to ride on horseback. You’re also in a beautiful forest setting so you can take in the beauty of the trees and breathe in the fresh air. Ganaraska Forest is located close to highway 115 and Northumblerland Road 9.

    Glen Major

    Glen Major is 15 kilometres, so it’s best if you’re intermediate or advanced in mountain biking skill level. You should also attempt this trail if you have a great sense of direction, since it’s easy to get lost on the trail. To get to Glen Major and explore the natural scenery, you’ll go north on Brock Road so you can choose your trail entrance. If you want to go to the south entrance, head east on Concession Road 9 to Sideline Road or Westney Road, then go north so you can get to the parking lots and start your excursion.