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    Though used interchangeably, the words ‘life settlement’ and ‘viatical settlement’ have different meanings; the latter means giving up your policy on account of your terminal illness, low life expectancy, old age, and other such related reasons. On the other hand, life settlement means giving up your policy for cash while you have a considerably longer life expectancy. Therefore, make sure to fix the type of settlement for an expected cash return since both have different cash outcomes.


    The following is the approximate method to calculate the settlement price:

      1.  The face amount of your policy: Technically, the greater the face value of your policy is, the larger the viatical settlement you will tentatively receive in return.
      2.   Your life expectancy: Logically, since the buyer may not wish to pay the premium for a long period of time, the lower your life expectancy is, the higher your policy will be valued. It’s important to note that if your policy is a joint holding type, the life expectancy of the healthier party will be considered.

    Generally, the following are the factors involved in estimating your average life expectancy:

      • Your average age: It’s assumed that 65-year-old people tend to live longer than 85-year-old people; if you’re on the latter side of age, your policy will be valued higher than the former.
      • Your health as well as medical condition: Generally, your current medical condition will help predict your life expectancy i.e., you will be estimated to die earlier if you have blood cancer rather than a kidney malfunction. In addition, the scope of cure is also considered. This means that if the disease in your body can be cured, as a result, your life expectancy will be improved considerably. In such instances, your policy may be valued at lower rates.
      • Gender: Since it’s scientifically proven that women usually have longer life expectancy than men, it plays a large role in the valuation of your policy.
      • Annual premium: Since it’s always an assumption that your policy is not paid up, the pending premium of the policy will be considered; this means that the lower your pending premium is, the higher your policy will be valued.
      • The guarantees: The guarantees linked with the policy like whether the premium, as well as the amount of coverage, is guaranteed or whether the same is subject to change is considered.
      • Others: Factors like the amount of cash value in your policy, guaranteed rate of interest to be credited on cash values, the prevailing interest rates, anticipated changes in the economy, and other such costs that are required to cover all the parties involved. Also, it’s important to note that if the general interest rate of your policy is high, your buyer may demand a higher rate of return.


      •   Loans: Since life insurance policies are generally considered as properties or collaterals, you can use the same to obtain short-term loans through banks; such loans do not require special qualifications and are a good option if you like to retain your policy but need some cash immediately to use.
      •   Withdrawals: This is another option as above and is applicable for whole life insurance; you can withdraw cash from your policy account. It’s important to note that such a withdrawal is not taxable until you withdraw more than the allocated amount.

    If you’re wondering, “How can I sell my life insurance policy for cash?” the following options might help in addition to selling your life insurance.

      •   Surrender: You can surrender your policy to the company for cash in return; this means that you will no longer be holding the policy and subsequently, your heirs will not receive the benefits on the account of your passing away. On surrendering, it’s mandatory that you have held the policy for a considerable number of years, and you will receive the cash after the deduction of any applicable fee.
      •   Payment of premium amount: If you do not like to surrender your policy, this option is an alternative; you can rightfully stop paying the premium amount for your policy to the company. In doing so, the company will hold the policy in addition to your earlier paid premium amounts. It’s important to note that on exercising this option, you will not receive any cash value and your heirs will not receive benefits after your death.

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    Issues only a split AC user will understand

    Coming home to a refreshingly cool house after a long day under the scorching heat of the sun has an indescribable satisfaction of its own. However, central air-conditioning is quite costly while window units are a source of incessant noises. A more feasible and affordable option would be a split air-conditioner system.

    A split air-conditioner includes an outdoor unit as well as an indoor unit. The installation of the outdoor unit is done near the exterior wall of the room where you wish to cool. This unit contains the compulsory condenser coil and the expansion coil. Here are some of the most common problems faced by a split AC user:

    Refrigerant leakage:

    If your AC is not cooling properly that means it is running low on refrigerant. Due to the high pressure at which the coolant is stored, all the joints in the copper wire are under pressure. Due to corrosion, caused by humidity, these copper pipes develop rust on the on the surface and develop holes through which leakage happens. Repairing for leakage problem is fairly easy. Consult the professionals from the split AC service in Ghaziabad and get your refrigerant refilled.

    Compressor switching off too quickly:

    Accumulation of dust and debris clogs the filters of the split AC. Due to this, the AC works even harder for the air to circulate, thus increasing the AC’s temperature above the ideal temperature. Just take out the filters and wash it with tap water. Do this every month and you are good to go.

    Accumulation of ice on the cooling coil:

    When the refrigerant level is low, the cooling temperature of the of the coil drops, much below the normal temperature resulting in condensation of the moisture, present in the room, on the coil and freezing. To rectify the problem, call services of AC repair in Ghaziabad.

    The foul smell upon switching on the AC:

    Ever experienced a foul smell on switching on your split air-conditioner unit? The problem lies within the drainage system of the AC. Accumulation of dust and debris inside the drain pipe and drain tray leads to blocking of water and starts smelling bad. Get the repair technician to clear out the drainage system and the problem is solved.

    Split AC is not starting:

    This happens most likely, due to a fault in the PCB of the AC unit. There’s no specific reason behind the failure of PCB. it could be caused by too frequent on-off cycles, physical damages etc.

    Too much noise made by the indoor unit:

    The fan present inside the indoor unit is the reason behind those latch obnoxious noises you heard upon switching on your AC. A day to day basis usage may misbalance the fan, making it shift from its original position. Call the technician and he would just dismantle the indoor unit and fix the fan’s position. Sometimes accumulation of dirt on the fan also causes the fan to vibrate. Cleaning the fan after every 2 weeks would solve the problem.

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    Why Hemp Oil Capsules Is The Key To Be Healthy In 2019

    Hemp seed oil is increasingly popular for the various health benefits associated with it. The chemical compounds found in Hampton oil it’s commonly referred to as CBD oil and is thought to provide a wide range of health benefits that is catching on across the world. Understanding these benefits will help you to understand why using hemp seed oil is one of the keys to healthy living into thousand 19.

    Is Hemp Oil Legal to Use?

    Many people think of him as a product that is very similar to marijuana. Marijuana and hemp are both closely related but there are some key differences between the two plants. Help oil and hemp plant in general do not get people high and it is therefore a legal plan in the United States with numerous positives associated with it. Believing chemical in marijuana is THC which also has a variety of different health benefits associated with it. However, THC, Leads to people getting high and he is there for illegal in most locations around United States.

    Health Benefits of Hemp Oil

    There are many benefits associated with hemp seed oil. It can be ingested and used for numerous benefits such as treating mental health problems due to the fact that help while reducing his anxiety and has a calming affect on people. Imitation, hemp oil is a powerful anti-pain treatment that is not addictive and does not have many of the side effects that other pain treatments have. Hemp oil Can help to reduce inflammation and is therefore useful in treating injuries and other illnesses that lead to information such as arthritis.

    Why Hemp Oil Capsules are Best

    There are several different ways to use hemp oil. Some people applied to their skin in a moisturizer or lotion. Others will apply it to their hair do you do the rich proteins in it through a shampoo that contains hemp oriole. You can also be used as part of an electronics cigarette and Vape when it is included in E-liquid. However the most common way to use hemp oil is through oral consumption.

    Hemp oil can be added to foods and consumed in this form. However, a more common and useful way of consuming have oil it’s real hemp oil capsules. Hemp oil capsules can be easily swallowed and provide a pre-measured dosage that makes it easy to travel with and to ship hemp oil to wherever you need it. Since it is in capsule form, it can be easy to swallow the hamper oil without having it add an off putting taste your food. Further, you do not have to worry about the dosage of the hemp oil that you are consuming, even though there is little risk of overdose from hemp oil and is generally considered to be safe to use.

    Ordering help oil is easy online. Choose a high-quality website like functionalremedies. Functionalremedies contains a wide range of different hemp oil to use in capsule form or another methods.