A step-by-step guide to set up a WordPress Staging Site

WordPress is undeniably the most consumer-friendly content platform in the current times. WordPress has numerous pre-made themes and plugins which make it a favorite among content managers and web developers.

A WordPress site is built and then taken to a production environment. The difference in the versions of the development environment and production hosting or updating a plugin or theme might cause the site to crash. This may adversely affect the search engine ranking, sales and user experience of the site. There in comes the role of the WordPress staging environments.

How to set up a staging environment?

The set-up of the staging environment should correspond to the live-production environment with the usage of the same hosting service or the same type of VPS, same configuration and same WordPress version. The staging environment has the following features: it is not available to the public and the changes made on the staging site will not affect the live site. This implies that all the codes snippets, plugins, new themes, and others can be implemented without any risks.

Setting up a WordPress staging site manually

 If you want to experiment with the custom-made modifications, you can create a staging site on the sub-domain.

  • Creation of a subdomain via cPanel

Find the Subdomains option under the cPanel and create a subdomain. Name it something which is related to staging.

  • Creation of an FTP account for the subdomain

After clicking on the FTP Accounts option, enter the new account details and ensure that the directory is identical to the document root for the subdomain.

  • Use the FTP account to upload the WordPress files to the staging site

The new FTP account can be used to upload your site’s files. Then, upgrade to the latest version of WordPress and upload it. You also need to copy three existing folders from your existing WordPress site, namely, …/wp-content/plugins, …/wp-content/themes, …/wp-content/uploads and upload them on the staging site. To speed up the procedure, you can use the cPanel’s File Manager.

  • Import/export of the database

Then, export the live site’s database and import it to the staging website. To do so, you can use a plug-in called WP Migrate DB and then activate it by going to Tools and then Migrate DB. All the file paths in the database will be automatically updated by the plugin so that they point to the new staging site URL. Next, export the database. Create a new database for the staging site. Then import all the data. Go back to the cPanel and click on the MySQL Databases option and create a new database and a database user. Next move on to PHPMyAdmin, find your new database and click Import then choose the file exported by the WP Migrate DB.

  • Edit the wp-config.php

Edit the wp-config.php file on the staging site so that you can use your new username and database. Then, log in to your staging site and restrict the access to your site and going to Settings-Reading-Discourage search engines from indexing this site.

Setting up a WordPress staging site can be very beneficial for trying out all the changes before actually implementing them live.

What Happens at an Ecstasy Drug Rehab?

Ecstasy drug is an inexpensive drug that is widely used by young people who participate in raves and disco club. Many club sees it as a harmless drug but the truth is that it can lead to other harmful side effects on the health. Once the pleasurable feeling stop, users will experience physical effects like sweating, chills, nausea, and blurred vision. Overdosing can lead to complications like hyperthermia and organ damage. If you want to regain control of your life, you should get help at an ecstasy drug rehab.

If you sign up for a comprehensive treatment program, you will usually have to go through a medical detox before entering into the maintenance stage. Medical detox means you will undergo detox with the supervision of medical staff. Medical detox is best for people who are addicted to more than one substance such as alcohol other than the ecstasy drug.

You will have opportunities to sit down with a substance abuse counselor and work out the entangling issue that is turning you to drug. The therapy sessions will offer a lot of coaching to help the patient change his opinion and behavior towards drug use. Usually, you will be working with the same therapist throughout the treatment. If you want, you can also continue to work with the same therapist in the aftercare program when you graduate. Individual therapy is usually held at least one time every week.

ecstasy drug rehab

Many addicts undergo behavioral therapy to cure the psychological aspects of the addiction. The length of time spent depends on the situation of the addict. Usually, behavioral therapy will last for 12 weeks. Through this form of therapy, you will learn more about how the addictions affect your life and how to get higher motivation to resist craving.  Dual diagnosis therapy is used to address both the mental health disorders and physical addiction conditions. Not treating either one can reduce the chances of recovering. During a dual diagnosis session, the therapist will ask the addict what he thinks about using marijuana.

In motivational enhancement therapy, the patient is forced to look at what addiction has done to her life. The first MET is the longest session. In the subsequent MET session, the patient will be asked to commit to make a change in his life and quit addiction. In some programs, patients are only to attend a limited number of MET sessions. Patients only have to check back if they feel something is not right. Group therapy is one of the activities that you have to attend every day in your timetable. Group therapy is run by the peers but can also be led by therapist sometimes. Research shows that people who participate in group therapy are less likely to relapse in the next year.

Recovery is a long process that requires maintenance throughout your life. Many rehab centers offer aftercare programs to help the addict to live a drug free lifestyle after they have left the facility. Aftercare will last for a short duration or longer until you are strong enough to resist temptation. Many aftercare programs include therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, motivation enhancement therapy, and contingency management. These therapies have shown to reduce the relapse rate in a study that last for a 12 months period.

Most rehab programs are customizable to fit the specific situation of the addict. You will go through a series of test to determine the type of drugs that you use and your health condition. A good rehab will offer support for mental health. If the rehab does not offer support for mental health, you should be suspicious of it and sign up for another rehab.

Choosing the Right Bookmaker For You

     Who or what is a bookmaker? A bookmaker in its simplest iteration is an individual or a company that takes bets, calculates odds and pays out winnings. It is a very competitive industry and because of this, there is a multitude of choices available. It is a verifiable fact that there is a very specific set of factors that reputable bookmakers can have that will distinguish them from a second-rate company. Read on below and have a look at some of these factors.

Are They Within Their Jurisdiction?

     One of the dead giveaways of a disreputable bookmaker is that they allow bets from countries outside their jurisdiction. The moment you notice this, stay clear. A reputable bookmaker, like kod promocyjny lvbet, would actually have to prove their legitimacy by showing proof of financial stability in cases of fund liquidation. In this event, the bookmaker has an obligation to protect player funds as much as possible.

How Long Does It Take for Payout?

     Payout times are critical for determining whether or not a bookmaker is on the level. A respectable company can use kod promocyjny totolotek, as reputable companies would. The general rule of thumb is the faster the payout times are, the more respectable and trustworthy they are. A time frame of Three working days on average is a reasonable amount of time for a bookmaker to make payment to winners. The delays are due to careful identity checks and anti-money laundering precautionary measures. In addition, bookmakers may also ask for additional identifiers from those claiming their winnings.

User Interface

     Being user-friendly is definitely a plus for any online bookmaker. Other, younger players may have no problems with the interface but older generations may find it difficult to keep up so simplicity and ease of use is always an advantage. Most graphical interfaces are designed to be easy on the hardware and optimized for mobile devices. Although it may seem trivial, how it looks may be a deciding factor for users.

Transaction Fees

     Realizing that bookmakers are a business, it is therefore expected that fees would apply to withdrawals and transactions. Fees are dependent on whatever payment method you as the client has chosen. The only thing is that need to choose which ones do not cost an arm and a leg.

Bonuses And Rewards

    It is just fitting that if you are a regular patron of an establishment, you expect some sort of bonuses and rewards for your loyalty. Looking at what rewards await those who play loyally to a certain bookmaker will definitely help you complete your factors in considering the bookmaker of your choice.

Maid insurance – Hire with proper check

For people who do not have time to take care of their house searches to hire a maid service. So, getting a maid is not an easy process ever. Just to hire a maid, you cannot allow a stranger to clean your house in your absence. It is important to make a brief research about the maid background that you are hiring. When you are hiring a maid, it is important to get answers for particular questions before answering. There are important points like maid employment status, experience, compatibility with your maid and working mode to consider while hiring.

When you are deciding to hire maid service, there are various other important points to consider for safer maid service. There are points like legal licensing, tax and insurance and their sanitation matters a lot while hiring. Some other most important factors to consider while hiring maid service are,

hiring maid service


  • Hiring a maid for cleaning is not a simple task. When you are away from home, they will have access to your home. If you are hiring a maid with illegal past, it may leave you to get into complications. Check for the employment eligibility verification form before hiring.
  • When you hire an individual, you are liable to assign employment ID along with social security, medical care and other disability taxes. If you are hiring from a company, you do not have these issues.
  • Main reason to hire a maid is for keeping your home clean. If you are working ad busy with the schedule, then it is not possible to keep home clean without hiring a maid service.
  • Next is the important factor to take into mind whenever you hire a maid. It is regarding maid insurance. Confirm with the service whether the maid is insured properly. If the maid gets injured or met with accident while working in your home, you have to take responsibility of their medical bills. Also, if the maid is not insured and damages your property then you have to face a huge loss with problems while claiming for those damages. Claiming for those damages may become difficult, if you hire a maid without proper background check

Whoever the maid is, they have to transform your home into clean heaven. But, this best service has to be received from insured and reliable professional.

Canon Rebel T6 Bundle Lens – Choose Wisely

When you bought your rebel for the first time, you may not have a look at the Canon Rebel lens. Basically buy a kit and you’re ready to shoot, right?

This is a set of buyers of canon rebel t6 bundle cameras for the first time, especially considering that the manufacturer of the camera made it so easy to start, “convenient” by offering the best lens to use in their new digital camera. But have you thought about what type of camera / lens would be ideal for your personal digital photography?

The purpose of this article is to provide several reasons for you to consider another strategy in your new DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) digital SLR camera with respect to the lens, complete with a carefully chosen lens.

Object “Kit Lens”

canon rebel t6 bundleThe first Canon Rebel lens is called a quadrant lens only because it comes as part of a package or kit. Currently, there are actually two lenses as complete lenses. The first and original set of lenses is the Canon EF-S 18-55mm f / 3.5-5.6 IS (IS stands for image stabilization). The technique has significantly improved on this particular lens over time, and provides a fairly good image quality.

The canon rebel t6 bundle, which clearly offers a much higher zoom range. However, this range of additional scale is expensive. You pay $ 150 for this particular lens.

Lens Dilemma Canon Rebel Lens

Do these complete lenses fit your needs? Or do you have something special about your photo? If you are a very different person who expects a great quality, or you want to obtain a certain type of photography, for example, close-ups, portraits or landscapes, you can consider only obtaining the body of a digital camera and choosing an excellent lens that It suits your wishes much better. requirements

Good news

You can buy any lens for your camera that can fit into the Canon camera. It consists of one of the most experienced models, which are spent in thousands of dollars. Canon lenses that have an EF or EF-S designation will work. You will also find lenses available for third-party manufacturers, which are excellent options.

How You Can Buy the Home Furniture Online

You have shifted to a new place and bought a new house. You want to buy some furniture for your home. Thinking about how you can buy? You may be thinking whether to buy it from the online store or the physical furniture store. In these days, most of the people are choosing the online store for purchasing whatever they want, either the furniture or any other items for your home. There are ample of options available to select your favourite furniture items online. But, how you will plan for it? How you will want your perfect item that will fit on your home. There are lots of factors you can consider while buying the furnishing items from the websites.

Here Are Some ofthe Tips To Follow When You Are Placing Your Furniture Online-

  1. Go through the About Us Page

One of the best ways by which you can pick the best website to buy the furniture is to go through the About Us of the website. Almost all the reputed websites provide information about the company, its establishment, its history, its reviews and the customer services. For instance, if you go through the Adelaide furniture websites to buy items, you will have a vivid idea on the establishment of the company, the history of the company and the price ranges.

  1. Check out the reviews or the testimonials

The best way to find out the reliability of the website is to check the reviews or the testimonials of the website. You can find out the bad and positive reviews. You can compare various sites and check which sites have the maximum positive reviews and that have negative reviews. The websites that have maximum positive reviews should be better to choose than the others. While you are choosing the website, look for the reputation of the retailer of the furniture that supplies the items to the website stock rooms.


  1. Check the refund and return policies

Almost all the reputed websites provide a refund and return policies to the customers. While you are choosing the furniture online, there are chances that you may fail in picking the best items online; you can refund the product and has the return policies. The website that you choose must have the refund and return policies so that you can easily change the item and get your favourite one on the exchange.

  1. Find the store that matches your style

When you are choosing the online store, you should check whether the website has the products that match your style and budget. When you are choosing the website, you must first fix your budget and place the order.

  1. The shop that offers a wide collection

When you are choosing the website, you must choose the one that has wide varieties of furniture for your home. You may choose the contemporary style, the artistic style or others.

These are some of the tips that you should follow when you are choosing the furniture online. If you are searching for furniture in Perth online or from a physical store, you must do extensive research.

Water is an essential source but it should be filtered

In the late spring when you get hot, sweat-soaked and sticky, it is very normal to go after a decent, cool glass of water to extinguish your thirst. In the Fall and Winter, be that as it may, it is anything but difficult to neglect to drink a sufficient measure of water to remain hydrated. Consider it, when you are inside, secured with layers of warm apparel and subject to the dry warmth delivered by your heater wood stove, or chimney. Water is such a big necessaity so this implies it is essential to drink the pure water. Eureka Forbes phone number Allahabad, can help you if are ever stuck with any kind of queries of water purifier.

Importance of water

  1. Secure your immune system: The absence of water can dry out the mucous films of your lungs, stomach, digestion tracts, and sinus sections. This is particularly valid in the winter. At the point when this occurs, you lose your protection from illness since these boundaries can just ensure your body against microscopic organisms, infections, and toxins when they completely hydrated and flawless.
  1. Lose or maintain a healthy weight: An all around hydrated body has a more elevated amount of oxygen in the circulatory system, converting into an expanded capacity to consume fat as fuel. What’s more, drinking water lessens hunger by extinguishing your craving so you eat less.Water is an essential source but it should be filtered
  1. Anticipate headaches: Drinking a lot of water can alleviate migraines. You will regularly hear that somebody who has been retching will catch a monstrous migraine. This isn’t false notion and has transpired. The purpose behind this is the absence of liquids and electrolytes. Likewise bring upon what is ordinarily alluded to as a poor quality cerebral pain. Whatever the sort, a cerebral pain is unpleasant and a serious cerebral pain, for example, a headache, can be incapacitating for quite a long time if not days.
  1. Counteract indigestion and constipation: I am not endeavoring to be gross, but rather to keep things moving down your stomach related track, the solids require water. Plain and straightforward. Keep the stomach related track all around flushed with the goal that you can flush much of the time yourself!
  1. Soothe fatigue: Dehydration has been related with abatements in mental focus and physical coordination. The outcome is exhaustion. The got dried out body needs to buckle down basically to play out its most essential capacities, sapping vitality and abandoning you depleted. If one is feeling tired then drinking water will give you a moment jolt of energy.

Water purifier are very essential for everyone, it is kind of equipment which is in everyone’s house and the water purifier kills the harmful impurities of water which makes your body unhealthy. Water should be used wisely by purifying it as the water is only thing which everyone drink and most of the activities are done with the help of water. Eureka Forbes customer care no. Allahabad, can assist you with any kind of queries about water filters.

A Chair that Wields Power, a Precursor to the Throne

Kings, queens and in our era, politicians fight for the chair. Literally speaking, people do fight for a chair, but not just any chair, they fight for a comfortable chair. Chair is an extremely important piece of furniture and one of the most used pieces of furniture. We have dining chairs, living room chairs, office chairs, and executive office chairs, student chairs and several other varieties of chairs based on their purpose. Executive office chair, as the name suggests, serves the executive function, that is, it is a managerial chair. The executive office chair is different in appearance from regular office chairs. It is meant for the manager or the boss, so it is bigger and supposedly more comfortable, being cushioned with leather or faux leather or better material.

Types of Office Furniture

An office is equipped with a variety of furniture pieces. Depending on the job, an office will have cabinets, book shelves, storage bins, chairs, sofas, tables, office desk, executive chairs, conference chair etc. Every piece of furniture must meet the ergonomic standards of comfort and durability; today, most offices would also include style and appearance as a required feature for furniture. Executive office chair is meant for a manager or a person at senior position; therefor, they are bigger, with big back rest. They are different from regular office chairs which are smaller in size and mostly less comfortable than the executive office chair.

Executive Furniture in Office

Furniture in office can be differentiated by level or position of staff it is meant for. An executive chair, for example, is bigger and more comfortable than other staff’s furniture. Similarly, executive desk is bigger and more stylish than other office desks and tables. It has more space and looks more elegant. The executive furniture is mostly different from other office furniture in most occupations. A school or college principal’s chair is bigger with a big back rest than chairs for teacher and other staff, a doctor’s chair is bigger and has the executive and important appearance. The executive chair, by its appearance, shows that it is meant for an important person.

Types of Executive Office Chairs

Executive office chairs can have a traditional or a contemporary look; they can also be custom made, according to the requirements of the person using it. The most important feature is comfort, so it must meet ergonomic standards of height to desk, adjustability of height, back support, lumbar support, neck rest, hand rest to ensure correct sitting posture. These features cannot be compromised for appearance. An executive chair can be made of leather, faux leather, fabric. You may want to sit on the chair, try it before purchasing. You may need to ensure that the material your chair is made of is not sticky and you don’t end up sweating, example PU leather is cheaper than actual leather and can result in sweating. You must select a furniture store that fulfills your liking. The designer office is one such place where you will find superb executive chairs in UK.

Importance of Different Office Furniture

Too much furniture in an office space can give a cluttered look; therefore, minimal essential pieces of furniture must be used. Furniture in office can serve many purposes, example a chair may have a cup holder, an ottoman can be used to sit and to store papers, an office desk can have inbuilt cabinets. Chairs are an important piece of furniture in any office, from visitor chairs, to executive office chairs, each is made considering its need. Visitors use the chair for lesser time than the manager, so the executive chair is more comfortable. After considering all aspect of an ergonomic executive office chair, you must make a wise decision for your purchase.

The necessary information for the certificate of incorporation in Hong Kong

Prior to you develop a hk business registration there are points you requires to recognize initially, such as: Personal info as investor or supervisor connecting to certificate of incorporation Hong Kong and hk company registration services is exclusive or secret information of a well established firm in Hong Kong, that a business or a company can maintain it. In a business this info is generally under the guidance of the Registrar, and also the Registrar does not also have the obligation to confine it with any of their fellow associates of the firm. * When the treatment of making the secured address is done, after that a notification must be sent out to the firm and also the supervisor. On that created notification, the choice day of safeguarded address being made public, need to likewise be stated. This notification must likewise be sent out to the existing address of the supervisor, that resolve ought to be top priority sensible the secured one, and also is the secured one is inefficient, after that the normal one ought to be utilized.

Prior to you develop a business in Hong Kong there are points you requires to recognize initially, such as: Personal details as investor or supervisor associating with certificate of incorporation Hong Kong is personal or secret information of a recognized business in Hong Kong, that a business or a company can maintain it. In a firm this info is typically under the guidance of the Registrar, and also the Registrar does not also have the responsibility to confine it with any one of their fellow associates of the business. Despite the fact that if one desires the exclusive info of a person, that they hold most dear, they still can not access it, up until some severe scenario or the court s order are supplied.

hk company registration services

There are a variety of regulations as well as laws that requires to be complied with by the Registrar prior to you develop a firm in Hong Kong like when to shield the information of certificate of incorporation Hong Kong, pertaining to the defense of the recognition number and also the property address of the participants of the business. Information of which are stated below.

* Registrar must not enable the general public examination of the recognition number and also household address.

* Registrar relating to some problems can make safeguarded address that will certainly be utilized for public evaluation.
* Enrollment on reveal or use of secured details for the Registrar.

* Enabled the usage or presentation of safeguarded info by the Registrar.

* Expose of details under court s order.

The details relating to a person s individual info i.e. recognition number as well as property address, need to never ever be revealed by the Registrar for the general public evaluation.

The problem for not exposing the details are as adheres to:

* Under the family member regulation or the firms regulation, a record that is provided to the Registrar for enrollment or in a type that is being recommend by the appropriate regulation or if any type of area of the record includes the complete name of the identification card, key number as well as household name of the candidates or in instance, the Registrar has actually taped the information of the records supplied to him/her under the statute area 27 (1 ).

hk company registration services

* The general public assessment of any one of the records ought to not be enabled by the Registrar that is accepted under the loved one statute and also the firms regulation, and also consists of the normal household address, the complete variety of the ticket or he identification card of the supervisor of the business.

Right here, by family member regulation, it suggests the regulation under which the records are being delivered to the Registrar for enrollment.

Registrar pertaining to some problems, can make secured address that will certainly be made use of for public examination. This secured address is made to conserve the typical address from obtaining dripped.

* However what was mentioned in the above conversation, a safeguarded address can be produced the evaluation by public, yet the interaction in between the Registrar as well as the supervisors requires to remain private. There must likewise be some evidence as well as proof that the supervisor is not getting the mail at the previous address, portraying it to be inefficient.

* The Registrar needs to not operate the above choice, unless he/she has actually currently sent out an application for authorization to the business as well as the supervisor concerning this as well as likewise has actually approximated the moment after what the secured address will certainly change the common address for public assessment.

* The time in between the authorization of the proposition and also the application of the safeguarded address being offered to the general public, should be approximated ahead of time, under the above area.

* Prior to using the choice, a brief notification must be sent out to today address of the supervisor, that attend to need to be top priority smart the safeguarded one, as well as is the secured one is inadequate, after that the typical one need to be made use of.
There are additionally some extra stipulations that requires to be complied with by the Registrar concerning safeguarded address:

* If Registrar is preparing for safeguarded address, after that the Registrar can just continue the procedure, if the notification of the modification has actually been provided to the supervisor by the Registrar as well as the authorization is being gone back to the Registrar.

* When the treatment of making the secured address is done, after that a notification must be sent out to the firm and also the supervisor. On that particular created notification, the choice day of safeguarded address being revealed, must likewise be discussed. This notification must additionally be sent out to the here and now address of the supervisor, that deal with ought to be concern smart the secured one, and also is the secured one is inefficient, after that the typical one need to be utilized.

* The firm has to likewise modify the address in the firm register by the brand-new safeguarded address.

* If within 5-year time, the supervisor s address is being altered after the transforming of the safeguarded address, then that address needs to be modified in the business s register as the normal address.

* Those firms that are signed up under the area 777( 1 ), as Non-Hong Kong firms, are exempt to those laws.

* A criminal activity degree of level 4 will certainly be devoted, if any type of firm or an individual does not comply with the above guideline, as well as they will certainly need to pay 70 bucks a day for each and every they till they quits the offense.

The Registrar should not expose the individual details of any kind of participant of the business regardless other than when it is being allowed by the Area 58 or Area 59.

A Registrar is permitted to make use of the safeguarded info if he/she intends to interact with the supervisor, or under statute or a defined individual desires it to be divulged to him. This ought to all be done, once the charge of this procedure is being sent.

A Registrar can likewise subject details under the court s order. Court typically orders when the address appears inadequate, as well as they could not supply their messages to the supervisor.?