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    Tips for Setting up Your New Home Faster after Moving

    Everyone wants to have a safe and hassle-free relocation and when they have a one then, another thing that bothers the relocations is setting up new home. Unpacking the boxes and arrange every piece of goods in a new place is not easy. In fact setting up a new home is more time-consuming than moving out from an old one. You may hire professional Packers and Movers Pune when it comes to relocate your home in Pune. But when it comes to rearranging your home you have to do it by yourself. Of course, your movers can help you to unpack the boxes and rearrange them at your new house if you have hired them for full home shifting services in Pune. But then also it requires your supervision to set up your new home.

    If you are looking for the tips that will help you to set up your new home faster after moving then, you should go with the below-mentioned tips from the professional movers and packers Pune.

    Unpack the ‘Open First Box’

    You may have packed an ‘open first box’ that always a moving expert suggests you to do for an easy survival in your new home. For surviving the first night and few days in your new home this open first box carrying all the essentials is a must. So, this is the first thing you should open at your new place.

    Make your kids room first

    If you have moved with your kids then, you know they need rest. You should immediately make their room for taking rest. If not completely then at least make their bed or cradle so that they can sleep without any disturbance. You can also open the box that contains their toys so that they can play with their toys while you are busy in making their rooms.

    Install Kitchen appliances

    The kitchen appliances need to be installed first as this would help you to make foods. So, before you move to other rooms make sure you have fixed the kitchen appliances like gas, stove, refrigerator, mixer grinder, toaster, oven, etc. The kitchen is the first thing that must set up after moving into the home.


    Another essential part of the house is Bathroom and the best part is it doesn’t take much time to prepare a bathroom. Prepare your bathroom with shower curtains and liner. Also keep the soap, shampoo and other essentials in the drawers, etc. Within few minutes you can make your bathroom ready to use and can move to other rooms.


    Now move to your bedroom. You should assemble your bed, place your wardrobe and other furniture in your bedroom. Do it in one day as you can decorate it later on your free time, but assembling the necessary things should not take much time so that you can move to another rooms on the next day.

    After arranging this you can now move to the hall and other rooms that can be arranged even after few days of your shifting. Get connected with your neighbors, find a school for your children and also update your new postal address. This way you can set up your new home and live their happily.

    Rearrangement is a time-consuming and challenging task to do hence, you can ask your Movers and Packers Pune to unpack your boxes and rearrange them. They can do it within few hours as they are experienced in this and this part of their duty. You can stay relaxed and instruct the team to arrange the goods as per your orders only. With some extra charges they will help you to rearrange everything in your new home so that you can enjoy your new home.

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    Benefits of investing in postal life insurance and other insurances

    Although it is preferable not to think that something bad can happen, misfortunes happen, and also at the least expected time. Without falling into pessimism, it is always advisable to be prepared for what may happen throughout postal life.

     Above all, it is necessary to have an economic support that makes the most difficult moments that are presented more bearable, such as the death of one of the members and with it, a significant reduction in the income level of the family. Although mourningthe loss of a loved one cannot be paid with money, the truth is that the benefits offered by postallife insurance will prevent more problems from being added to this harsh situation.

     Far from what may seem, this type of policy is not only for families, but people who are alone can also hire them, as postal life insurance offers the necessary guarantees to cover a situation of disability or dependence as a result of a disease or accident. Each person or family unit can access a different type of policy depending on their needs and economic forecasts.

    Thanks to the different types of policies that exist in the market such as provided by religare health insurance, the insured can choose the form of payment that best suits him (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual).

    religare health insurance

     Benefits of postal life insurance

      • As we have said, the beneficiary or beneficiaries of postal life insurance, as well as the insured, receive compensation from the insurance company as the case may be.
      • The capital received by the beneficiaries in the event of the death of the insured is free from foreclosures. This means that, even if the debts of the deceased were rejected upon receiving the inheritance, the compensation of the postal life insurance is received in full.
      • The capital that the family members charge for the death of the insured is not subject to the Inheritance and Donations Tax (ISD), nor to the IRPF.
      • When it comes to mortgage repayment postal life insurance, at the time of filing the income statement, it is possible to deduct the cost of the policy in the Real Estate Capital Yield.
    • Self-employed workers can benefit from a deduction of 500 euros from the premiums they have paid for their postal life insurance.
    • Another advantage offered by postal life insurance is the possibility of changing the policy over time. In this way, we can adapt the insurance to the situations that are developing, either by modifying its coverage or the list of beneficiaries.
    • A postal life insurance not only protects the family nucleus but also protects the policyholder. The capital can be used to cover the expenses necessary to face any of the circumstances contemplated in the policy and that we have suffered. Although the State receives a certain amount in cases of dependency and disability, for example, in most cases it is not enough to cover the consequences of the situation.

    Although postal life insurance is not mandatory, thanks to all the benefits they offer, they are one of the best options to provide peace of mind every day, since we know that we will be protected against any unforeseen event.