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    Get Food in train anytime

    All of us will agree to a point that Indian Railways is been like a lifeline of the passenger transportation as compared to other modes of transportation. But, food is not something that is been served in Indian Railways that everyone is been well proud of. Getting quality food in train always remains a concern among travellers and passengers from years and there was no initiative been taken by the companies as well on the same front. With the sole objective, there has been the emergence of e-catering firms and their motto is to cater delicious and hot food services to passengers on the wheels.

    TravelKhana is been found with the same initiative and is been renowned for providing finger licking and mouth-watering food prepared from fresh ingredients delivered right at the seat berth of passengers in trains at cost-efficient rates. There is an assurance of delivery of food in the train on time and at any of the junction at which it is required. Want to know how to order the same? Well, it hardly takes minutes to do the same. The best part is people don’t even need to move an inch aside from their seat in order to do the order and it could be placed using different approaches like via website, using the mobile app and even by directly giving them a call or so. The mobile app of the same could be downloaded and it asks for the PNR number and station at which the delivery needs to be done first and as soon as it is been filled, the menu comes up and from the same, people can select anything that their buds have been craving for.

    Getting food in train anytime nowadays with the help of these service providers have actually simplified everything and whatever the concern of passengers was there earlier related to the quality and hygiene of food, now it is no more as such available. So, grab a slice of your favourite meal anytime while being on the moving train and make your journey satisfactory and contented. While showing the menu and the station at which the food delivery needs to be done, it will also show the vendors and food joints name from which you can order and there is a minimum order placement as well. The company has tied up with best and reckoned joints that have branches spread all around the nation and is known for quality and hygienically prepared food meals to be served to passengers while on the travel. So, get to their website, or call them directly at 08800313131 and order for food in train and do make sure to let them know all details like your seat number, coach number so that there is no hassle for the last minute of time. The payment could be done either via card or cash on delivery as per the choice. So, enjoy your travel and have a safe journey.