Fully automatic vs. semi-automatic washing – which one is the best for you?

This is an ongoing debate that confuses the buyers. Often, the buyer is not aware of the functioning of the two washing machine types – fully-automatic and semi-automatic. Therefore, it becomes difficult to reach a conclusion. And if the buyer knows the functioning, the suitable selection is a problem. The final decision is dependent on your requirements, integrated features, and the cost of the appliance.

What is Fully-Automatic?

A fully-automatic washing machine is an appliance that operates without any human intervention. It will accomplish the washing, rinsing, and drying operations automatically. You have to insert the clothes and fabric in the washing drum. After this, the machine will take care of the occupants. Best front loading washing machine in India are fully-automatic appliances.


  • Integrated with intelligent features for automatic functioning
  • Occupies less space, saves time
  • Auto resume feature after a power cut
  • Manages the quantity of water that should be used. Requires less water
  • Excellent wash quality


  • Expensive and maintenance cost is also high. But, it rarely defaults
  • You cannot open the door until the process is complete

What is Semi-Automatic?

Semi-automatic washing machines require human intervention. It will not operate on its own, except spinning process in the washing and drying tub. You need to put clothes in the washing drum, add water and detergent, and initiate the operation. After washing, you need to move clothes from the washing drum to the drying tub. Again, you need to initiate the operation.


  • Available at low cost
  • It requires less maintenance
  • Washing cycle takes less time
  • Easily portable


  • You need to take control of the washing process
  • Requires excessive quantity of water
  • Regular maintenance required for proper functioning
  • Scrubbing is required to remove stains

Major Differences

  1. Size

Considering size, semi-automatic machines occupy a larger area in comparison to the fully-automatic machines. This is because the semi-automatic machines have separate tubs for washing and drying purpose. You can purchase fully-automatic machines that are compact and occupies less space.

  1. Power Consumption

Since fully-automatic machines operate independently, it requires more power to accomplish the washing, rinsing, and drying jobs with perfection. However, some of the machines have impressive energy ratings that facilitate energy savings.

Semi-automatic consumes less power in comparison to fully-automatic machines. Moreover, during a power cut, you can remove the clothes and wash them manually. But in case of fully-automatic, you cannot open the door before the process completes.

  1. Wash Quality

Fully-automatic machines are considered best when it comes to washing quality. It handles all type of fabric, whether delicate or heavy, with utmost efficiency. You don’t need to scrub it again as the stains will be removed during the washing process.

Semi-automatic machines are not as efficient as fully-automatic ones. But still, they perform reasonably well. Sometimes, you need to scrub to remove stains from the clothes.

As per your requirements and budget, you can sort washing machines on retail stores such as Amazon, Tata Cliq, Croma, Snapdeal, Flipkart, and others. Fully-automatic machines cost more than semi-automatic ones but the former is more efficient than the latter.

How Much? The Cost of Raising Kids

It’s not cheap to have a family.

According to the latest figures it will cost roughly $233,610 to raise a child born in 2015. For many people these figures will come as an eye watering surprise. And these are just the average –higher income households will pay around $372,210 over the years. Although there are many ways to economize when it comes to something like childcare or putting meals on the table it’s still difficult to escape the basic costs of raising kids, which can be substantial. If you then start to factor in private education or hobbies such as tennis or computer equipment then these costs start to spiral significantly upward.

Why does it cost so much to have a family?

There are many different factors that come into play with respect to raising kids.

The basics aren’t cheap – from the endless cycles of diapers, to prams, beds, bedding and clothing, there are many expenses to take into account just to keep a child warm and alive. It obviously becomes cheaper to do this second time around – especially with a child of the same sex – but for the first child everything has to be bought, rather than handed down. On top of that you have the necessities such as rent or mortgage repayments and the cost of heating and electricity so it’s little wonder that many families struggle and need secured loans for extras like holidays or a new car.

Childcare can be really costly – our society is not (yet) adapted to providing cost effective childcare that enables both partners in a couple to work full time if that’s what they want. As a result, there’s a shortage of childcare places and those that are available can be incredibly expensive and competitively fought for. Families can spend anything between 7% and 19% of annual income on childcare costs, depending on where in the country they are and the type and frequency of childcare required.

Food is one of the biggest expenses – putting food on the table is an expensive business. For those with a large family, paying for food that is healthy and satisfying for a large number of people generates significant bills. Plus, during the teenage years children (especially boys) tend to eat a lot more and that can result in food bills hitting new heights.

Transport also takes cash from the budget – families need cars where single people or couples may not, that’sjust a fact. Whether it’s to carry larger shopping loads or simply so that you can keep everyone together when you travel as one family, most people who raise kids see enough benefit in a car to justify buying one. However, cars are expensive from the petrol that has to go in them to the cars themselves. And that’s not the only type of transport to consider. Bus fares and train fares for journeys to school as children get older can end up being enormously expensive, especially in bigger cities.

Education is the killer – even where education is free there are numerous costs to bear in mind, from school uniforms to sports kit and writing utensils. However, it’s when children want to go on to college and university that things start to get really expensive. Many families now face the choice of allowing their children to get into debt to get an education or taking on serious debt to cover the costs themselves.


Teenager lands dream job with Michelin-starred chef

A teenager has landed a special job at Rogan & Co, the restaurant of famous chef, Simon Rogan. Dylan Smith, 19, is celebrating becoming a commis chef at the establishment, which has three AA rosettes and is highly regarded in the Cumbria area and across the UK.

Image Credit

Dylan has recently completed his professional cookery diploma at Sunderland College and an apprenticeship at Newcastle’s Crowne Plaza. It was the teachers at college that gave him the confidence to apply for the job at Rogan & Co.Dreams of L’Enclume

The young chef hopes to use the job as a stepping stone to working at L’Enclume, which is a two Michelin Star restaurant owned by Simon Rogan. After this, Dylan wants to travel the world, working at top restaurants, and is sure he will always retain his passion for food. Dylan is particularly keen to continue his passion for creating interesting dishes from simple ingredients and home-grown produce.

How to earn the rosettes

One important way to ensure a restaurant has the potential to be given AA rosettes or Michelin stars is to keep the kitchens in great working order technically, as well as creatively. Having chefs who are experts and passionate about cooking is important for any commercial kitchen to keep creating the best dishes, but having good fridges and freezers should also be a priority.

Image Credit

High quality fridges and freezers are essential to a working commercial kitchen. For high quality cafes and buffets, refrigerated display counters, such as those from https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/serve-over-counters, are also important pieces of equipment.

By having a good display unit, you are able to display the food to its best potential. Not only is it important for display purposes, you can also keep the food hygienically positioned behind glass and conveniently ready to be served.

A restaurant that has earned AA rosettes or Michelin stars is always popular with customers and will make any chef proud. However, it is always important for kitchens to have the right equipment to back up their creative expertise and this is why the best kitchen units are vital.

As Dylan settles into his exciting new job, he will be able to use this experience to learn more about cooking and commercial kitchens. This is a dream come true for the young chef as he plans his future career.

Joe Cianciotto –How Does A Creative Director Makes the Difference?

Creative directing is the most important thing from an advertisement and brand-building format of a marketing company. Every movie will have to be marketed well so that people will have a sense of anticipation for the forthcoming movie. Good interpersonal skills from the creative director with good knowledge of graphic designing will help the person to flourish.

Joe Cianciotto in New York on creative director roles

The role of the creative director is like that of conducting and composing together. The music composer will compose the music and will conduct the music. Both needs to have a different style of creativity, and in the same manner, a creative director should show the articulation for conducting the team.

The creative director will take up on the role of art director in the film and can contribute more than the art director. The creative director will give inputs related to enhance the production and to make full use of the existing  facilities in the set Art directors will have to create materials sometimes from scarp and make it useful for film shooting because of lack of availability of material.

Creative directors are in demand for graphic animation sequences, and they are in demand for horror mode films and sc-fi films. Science fiction films will use many technology advancements in their movies and sometimes they may use the weapons that can be in use twenty years from now on.

Creative directors will ensure that the visualization part as envisioned by the script writer and director is taken forward and the creative director will also ensure that production budget is not crossed.

Professional role of creative director

Art director or creative director should have a flair for designing and should be able to make optimal use of the latest technologies. The creative director should understand the needs of the movie director and should also have the capability of building models. A creative director should have the ability to lead the team and should also have the ability to understand the needs of the director. Sometimes director may come and demands a product that should be made without having enough time at their disposal and art director should ensure that they succeed in that. The creative director should commit to ensuring that the job gets done and should help the directors to guide the audience along with it asserts Joe Cianciotto.

How to forge growth as creative director?

Joe Cianciotto states that there is no fixed formula for a creative director to succeed. Every creative director is unique and will have to adjust their style based on the budget and availability of things. Creative director should have the patience to get things done from the team and should inspire the team to produce big things. Creative director should guide the cameraman and other teams who will assist the director, and when making horror movies, the creative director should give valuable inputs. Creative director should help in ensuring that right lighting is done for horror films and should also ensure that it does not resemble any other movies.

Helping A Hero And Spark Energy Handeshaked For A Good Cause

Spark Energy has partnered with Helping a Hero Foundation. It is an organization that offers homes to the veterans who got wounded in the war. Meredith Iler, the founder of the group states that the purpose of providing these houses is to make the veterans live independently. Further, she said that the houses are given to them free of cost and designed in such a way so that they forget that they got hurt in the war.

Meredith Iler Proudly Tells About Sergeant Daniel Cowart

Helping A Hero organization has awarded a home to Sergeant Daniel Cowart on 13th May. Daniel is a Silver Star Army Veteran. Joining hands with the Spark energy this award was given. He was also given free electricity for one year gift along with the home

During the time of a patrol in Iraq, Daniel’s team crossed a vehicle with insurgents that were keeping bombs on the roadside. When the team tried to stop them, an argument happened, and Daniel tackled one insurgent. It was so unfortunate that the insurgent had explosives and it strapped his body and got fire. Daniel lost his left leg at this time.

Daniel was awarded the Silver Star award. He got this award for his brave action in fighting the enemies. This award is given to every military force in the US who serves a courageous battle for the nation. It is the 4th highest award offered to the people in the U.S Armed forces.

Meredith and the board felt that he deserves a home for his heroic action is fighting for the nation.

Meredith Iler Founder Helping A Hero Organization

  • Helping a Hero, a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization in Houston offers a home for the veterans who are injured in the war.
  • The organization primarily offers homes that are specially designed with equipment in consultation with veteran, communities, developers, and builders.
  • Helping a Hero works towards engaging the community by offering resources and services for the wounded heroes in the US.
  • It also helps in programs including recreational activities, caregiver retreats, marriage retreats, etc.
  • Beyond everything, the board offers emotional and financial support.

Details About the Home

Daniel and the family members were invited home along with thousand supportive neighbors. Music Legend Lee Greenwood also took part in the event.

The home has four bedrooms and three baths. It is ultimately wheelchair accessible, with broader hallways and doorways. Had a roll-in shower and a roll-under sink. The toilet area is adaptable,

Daniel Cowart felt very proud for being honored and mentioned that this gesture makes his mind positive.

Spark Cares

At Spark Energy, it is believed that energy suppliers can offer more support than looking at only ways to conserve energy. They have partnered with Helping A Hero organization to improve the quality of life of the children of the military veterans. They are working towards making the communities a better place to work and live. They felt proud about giving their first veteran home with the help of Meredith Iler’s Helping a Hero Foundation. Further, they Spark request all gas and energy suppliers to extend support for such a noble cause.


Play First With LoL PBE

If you want to be the first to play all the League of Legends features before anyone else can, you need to play in a Public Beta Environment. This is going to allow you check out all the new features and experiments that the public can’t access yet. This is very exciting and you will know more about the game than anyone. Read on to learn how to get involved with LoL PBE.

You will have to sign up to be a PBE tester before you can start playing with your PBE account. There are few requirements to do this. You need to be an honor level 3 or more and you can’t have any restrictions or bans on your account. You can live anywhere in the world except Korea to be eligible. If you meet these requirements, you can set up an account right away. You can only have one PBE account.

Once you set up your account you can download the PBE client. You won’t be able to log in unless you have an active PBE account. One of the great things about having a PBE account is that you won’t have to purchase content. You will be automatically levelled up to 30 and you also get a large amount of blue essence and RP. Your account will be credited within 24 hours of setting up your account.

You can’t share your LoL PBE and your account will be immediately suspended if you do. Getting a PBE account is a great option if you are really into the game and you are going to know things before other people do. This is a great way to test things out and if you are a hardcore player, you are not going to want to miss this opportunity.

LoL is an addictive game and it is, even more, fun when you have a PBE account. You are going to be part of a group that is testing out the game and making it better for everyone involved. If you can’t get enough of LoL and you meet the requirements, then you owe it to yourself to start playing with a PBE account.

Your PBE account is going to save you money and it is going to help you make the game even better. You will be part of a special group that is constantly improving the game.

Anouk Govil: The Passionate Kayaker Throws Some Light On the Interesting Sports

As per historical sources, it is over the centuries that varieties of kayaks have been used by Aleut and Inuit people living around Bering Sea, Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Oceans and North Pacific area. You must be aware that inhabitants of Northern American and North part of Russia and Greenland used to go for hunting and fishing on kayaks in the summer times. Typically, these kayaks were made out of whale bones or hard timber covering them with the flexible skins of seals. Living in Ventura, California Anouk Govil an immense enthusiast of kayak outdoor events says that aside from recreational purpose kayaks are also widely used for fishing and touring these days.

Anouk Govil at her 20s loves enjoying the essence of ‘life’ at its best whereas the awe-inspiring beach lifestyle that she has experienced from her childhood days has  added the extra color, sparkle and vitality to this student of Biology studying in California State University. She is a great hobbyist of kayaking, fishing and surfing. Right from her early days, she is fond of spending time on sea beach together with her family members and almost all water games offers her spirit and energy to remain activated. As per Anouk that for beginners intended to go out for kayaking, necessary training is a must and instead of spending huge money for buying kayak it would the best choice to get it on rentals.


How Anouk Govil Finds Kayaking An Entire World In Itself?

You can find numerous kayak shops that specialize in selling and renting kayaks. The experienced shopkeepers can be a great source for you to get varieties of guidelines or information about trainers. Typically, the most challenging part of kayaking is the time when you need turning back and this time, sudden flipping of the boat is a very common experience especially for learners. Once you become an expert and desirous to make it a leisure time activity, you can buy your most favorite kayak and can also customize it as per your choice.

Whether you rent or buy a kayak for entertainment or fishing, you must be caring to some factors when it comes to the specs of your kayak.

Length/ Width/ Weight

The foremost considering factor is the size of your kayak in terms of its length and width, while considering the weight also matters. For beginners planning to go for fishing or enjoying an open water event, the best option is choosing a kayak which has enough width rather than length. A better width offers you better balancing.

Sit on Top / Sit in Type

When it comes to kayak fishing, not only novice anglers, but those who have long experience even prefer getting sit on top arrangements since that offers more stability even when they stand for  fishing. These kayaks provide extra room to have best fishing experience. Kayaks are also available with sit-in type which is good entertaining and fishing.

Water body and location

This is very vital considering point for kayakers to choose the right water bodies depending on their ability and expertise to deal with water bodies with high current or tides. According to Anouk Govil, those who are intended to enjoy a relaxing kayak experience, serene water bodies like lake is the right choice for them.

5 outfits that go best with bomber jackets

Jackets for women are a very hot commodity or piece of clothing to have because these days one just needs to look good and maintain style quotient and in this fast running world people don’t have time to go for various types of clothing and pair them according to what looks nice them and experiment with them. People just take up something these days which is evergreen and can be paired with almost everything and anything and just go on with that because time is of essence these days for each and every one.

Bomber jackets for women are one of those pieces of clothing that can be paired with almost everything. The five best outfits that go very nice with the bomber jackets for women are as follows:

  • Leather look: If you want the leather look which looks really classy and not very flashy, but this look does have a positive effect on the people around you. It gives you a rebellious a very confident look at the same time complimenting your beauty. One just has to pair the bomber jackets for women with the leather leggings or denim jeans which are skin fit. In this look the leather bomber jacket for women is preferred butif that is unavailable then leather leggings are must.

  • Simple retro: this is a very good option for the women this winter. This look not only gives a retro look, but this also gives a very good and soothing effect on the person looking at you because it is not at all flashy or provocative in any sense and it looks as simple as it can get. In this look you just have to pair the bomber jackets for women with anything like the Demin pants or the jeans which are of the darker shade or the same colour as the bomber jacket. In this look the bomber jackets for women should be paired with simple tee-shirts.
  • Retro chic look: This look makes you look retro, but this is the very first look with the bomber jackets for women which makes you look flashy. This look is easy to don as it just requires a light-coloured denim or regular jeans or in cases short skirts and a light bright coloured bomber jacket for women.
  • The mixed/regular look: This look is sober and moreover looks more of a regular one but is does not at all look less impressive and that is all the reason to don this look. In this style you just need a bomber jackets for women and pair with most of your wardrobe collections like skirts which are knee length or slight shorter. Short skirts are not very much preferred in this look. This can be paired with graphic tee-shirts or simple tees. This just needs to be paired with you regular sandals and you are good to go and impress everyone with your simplicity and the bomber jacket of yours’.
  • The Quilted look: if someone is looking for style along with comfort then this is the best look you can go for as the bomber jackets can be paired with pyjamas of the same colours and this look is simple, impressive and comfortable at the same time.

To buy these outfits you can very simply log in to sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Jabong, Bewakoof.com etc. These websites have a very nice collection of not only the bomber  jackets for women  but also the outfits mentioned to be paired with them.

Harley Reagan– Paving The Path To Happiness!

People assume that the realities both science and spirituality seek to explore do not relate to each other in any way. However, they fail to understand that it is the inquisitive nature of the human mind forms the basis of these two branches of knowledge.  Modern science involves an objectivity examination and scrutiny of the world in which all living organisms exists works by asking the basic question, ‘’How did Universe come into existence and how does it function?’’. On the other hand, spirituality is an introspective yet subjective understanding of the essence of being human being and tries to find the answer to the fundamental question of ‘’What am I?”

Harley Reagan – A leader who understood the delicate relationship between science and spirituality

Harley Reagan was a prominent spiritual leader in North America and the founder of The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society (DTMMS). This is non-profit spiritual organization that seeks to support, protect and preserve the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path. Its mission is the eradicate ignorance, superstition, racial intolerance and religious dogma from the face of this earth. This is to ensure future generations live in a world where they free to learn to love and respect their fellow human beings. Moreover, they appreciate the beauty and splendor of this planet. At the height of his career he was elected as Twisted Hairs elder of the Council of this spiritual group in July, 1992. In addition to this, he was also an ardent martial expert who contribution in this field earned a place in the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Appreciating the delicate relationship between science and spirituality

The members of this spiritual group explain that in ancient times people understood the subtle connection between these two essential branches of human knowledge and did not regard them to be in conflict with each other. Even today, in many eastern religions, their preachers believe that human beings must first have a thorough understanding of themselves before they gain knowledge of the Universe they live in. This goes a long way in promoting a healthy relationship with their Creator. According to them, all human beings exist in five interconnecting levels. These are the environment they live in, their physical body, their intellect, their intuition and finally their spiritual self. The members of The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society (DTMMS) clarify that it is disconnection of these two fundamental branches of human knowledge that is the root cause of challenges people experience in the world today.

They go on to explain that being in a very intimate relationship with Grandmother Earth or Nature in the psyche of every human being. Since time immemorial, ancient cultures around the world have been honoring the various manifestations of nature like the trees, the wilderness, the mountains, the mighty rivers, valleys, the Sun and the Moon. In the view of Harley Reagan, human beings must never attempt to break their connection with Nature otherwise it would eventually lead to their own demise. In fact, they should strive to change their attitudes and reinforce their Divine connection with Grandmother Earth.


Need For Good Backup Software

Just like any other thing, the data that has been saved on your computer is equally important and crucial. It may be crucial to your professional work or other purposes thus it is necessary that you maintain a backup. It is not only necessary for getting a general backup of the data and other things but it also saves your time of re typing it and then sending to each and every person.

In these backup options, the one most trending of all is the time machine backup. Time machine is a backup software application distributed with the apple mac OS  computer operating system. The software is designed to work with the time capsule storage product, as well as other internal and external disk drives.  This software is being used widely by people. It serves large amount of benefits that any other backup options hardly offer. Thus it is of great importance from a professional point of view. Moreover in case of any problem, the users can submit their pleads online and then they will be answered in no time.

Way the time machine backup works: there are a lot of queries of people regarding how long and how does it works which have been answered below:

  • Time Machine performs a full backup of your Mac when it is first set up
  • This initial backup can take some time, so be patient and allow it to finish.
  • Once the first backup is complete, Time Machine checks your Mac for new, changed, and deleted files once every hour.
  • Time Machine keeps these hourly backups for the past 24 hours, and then keeps a daily backup for the past month.

  • It also keeps weekly backups for as long as the external drive that you’re using for Time Machine has available space.
  • Once the backup drive is full, the oldest backups are deleted from Time Machine.

This is how the time machine backup works. This software is very helpful for the people who are in the hope of getting reliable backup software. It gives side by side backup of all the needed information and makes everything easy and legible for the user to understand. Whether you’re new to the Mac platform or have been using it for years, there’s one feature built into Mac OS X that you should not only know about, but use. That feature is time machine, a built-in backup application used to keep an up-to-date copy of all of the files on your Mac. Time Machine is unique among most backup applications in that it captures exactly what was on your Mac on any day in the past, making it easy to recover files, emails or media that may have been inadvertently deleted.

This is thus the best backup that a user can choose for the safest and timely saving of his data and information. This is thus very necessary for the user to understand. It is easy to operate and manage.