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    Hire a Suitable Tadoba Accommodation for a Tiger Safari

    India is definitely the best place to encounter tigers, as the country is the home for the largest tiger population in the world. If you desire to enjoy a tiger safari somewhere in India, Maharashtra’s Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve can be an ideal place. From being the home for plenty of wild species, the reserve has a number of luxurious resorts and guest houses nearby.

    Spread across a 625.40 square kilometer area, the tiger reserve is known for its unique eco-system that comes with rich bio-diversity. Here, we will stress on how you can make your experience of tiger safari amazing with a suitable accommodation.

    Human being’s eyes following a completely developed Bengal tiger meandering unyieldingly just a few inches away. Really happy! At that point, you run over youthful whelps following the pugmarks of their valiant mother – a gladdening sight without a doubt. Change the photo and you watch a gathering of tigers extinguishing their thirst at a waterhole – you feel the adrenaline surge. What about being the onlooker to the spine-chilling diversion between the predator and the prey? Welcome to Tadoba tiger safari, an enterprise that would keep you excited for a long time.

    Enjoy Indian Wildlife with Tadoba Accommodation

    You will definitely be hoping for luxurious comfort after an entire day of excursion deep inside the forest. The Tadoba Tiger Reserve is also in close proximity to a number of luxurious resorts and guesthouses that will provide you with the much-needed break to refresh and rejuvenate. These resortsat Tadoba National Park are designed to provide luxurious treatment to the guests who visit the park to gain a wildlife experience. There are a number of eco-certified lodges in the vicinity and you can book any one of them conveniently. Spending some time in such accommodation will definitely give you some remarkable experience.

    Book a Holiday Home and Enjoy the Trip with Your Family

    Along with luxury resorts and guesthouses, the Tadoba National Park has some holiday homes arranged for guests, who visit the park with their families. There are rest houses and dormitories for individual tourists. Accommodations, here, at the Tadoba Tiger Reserve are simply great and rooms are available for booking throughout the year.

    A Unique Place to Enjoy Safari

    The Tadoba-Andari Tiger Reserve is one of the 25 tiger reserves in India. Bordered by dense hills on the western boundaries, the vast forest extends to the farmland in front of the Irai Lake. The forest is named after the local God “TadobaDeo.” Locals offer prayers to the God in the belief that He will save their agriculture from pests and diseases.

    The forest remains beautiful and most of its areas are still untouched by visitors. This means that the forest can be an ideal place for safari if you are an adventure lover. The dense forest allows visitors to observe tigers for many hours when they are out for safari deep into the forest.

    The Tadoba National Park is very rich in bio-diversity, where plenty of mammals, birds and reptiles species can be encountered. However, the Tiger is the main attraction in the forest, as thousands of tourists visit the tiger reserve every year just to enjoy the tiger safari. Thus, book a room and get ready to enter the densest jungle of central India.

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    Important Information about Symptoms and Prevention of Lyme disease

    Lyme disease is actually an infection that is brought about by a bacterium from the Borrelia family. Lyme disease is known to be transmitted via an infected black-legged tick’s bite. It has been found out that the tick got infected after it fed on an infected mouse or deer. It is essential for the tick to be present for at least 24 hours to 48 hours on your skin to successfully transmit the infection. Most Lyme disease patients do not even remember that they have been bitten by a tick.

    As per the reports and statistics presented to us by the CDC or the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Lyme disease is supposed to be the most common tick bite related disease prevalent in countries belonging to the northern hemisphere. In the USA, approximately 300,000 individuals are down with Lyme disease while there are around 65,000 affected cases in Europe. In this context, you must know that this disease is pretty common in heavily wooded or grassy areas as compared to the flat plains.

    Signs & Symptoms of Lyme disease

    The precise signs and symptoms of Lyme disease vary and manifest in three distinct phases- a) Early Localized b) Early Disseminated and c) Late Disseminated.

    Stage One: Early Localized

    In this stage, symptoms would be appearing and restricted to a localized area after around one or two weeks post the tick bite. You could experience a typical “bull’s eye” rash that is an indication that the bacteria are actually multiplying in your bloodstream. You would come across an erythema migrans rash at the tick bite site. This rash does not cause any itching and you would not experience any pain either. Find out what is ELISA and go through the test for early detection, when you see the very first symptoms of stage one.

    Stage Two: Early Disseminated

    Several weeks may pass post the tick bite when you would see rashes appearing on other parts of your body apart from the tick bite site. You would be experiencing flu-like symptoms like fever, chills, sore throat, muscle pain, fatigue, and even a headache. You may notice changes in vision or enlarged lymph nodes. You may notice neurological signs such as facial droopiness, tingling, and numbness.

    Stage Three: Late Disseminated

    If proper treatment is not done, Lyme disease would be entering into the third or the last stage. This stage number three would be characterized by severe headaches, numbness, joint pain, heart rhythm disturbances, and mental fogginess, short-term loss of memory, sleep issues, and mood swings.

    Some Tips for Prevention of Lyme disease

    • Wear shirts with long sleeves and full pants if you are going for hiking in wooded or grassy areas.
    • Go for routine check-ups if you are experiencing some common Lyme disease symptoms, particularly if you tend to be in high-risk areas.
    • When you come across a feeding tick, remove it safely as that would reduce infection risk.
    • Examine the hairy and exposed parts of your body if you indulge in camping trips.
    • Avoid grassy areas or heavily wooded places and cut the grass in your garden regularly and keep the hedges neat and well-trimmed.
    • Wear insect repellent while in high-risk areas.
    • Keep your yard free from long grasses, piles of dry dead leaves, wood piles and bushes, all potential tick habitats.
    • Get your pets routinely checked by a veterinarian to ensure that they are tick-free.


    Lyme disease could be avoided by careful scrutiny and by following all the preventive tips discussed above. When in doubt, get the proper tests done. If Lyme disease is detected get a proper treatment done by specialists.

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    Benefits of Online Shopping

    This is the era of technological development, where people depend on technology for almost everything, whether it be studies, work or play. It is really time-efficient and easy to deal with, every individual takes mere minutes to learn a standard form of technology. Today people depending heavily on technology for shopping, it enables one to save a lot of time while shopping online. Consumers all across the globe go to the internet in search of efficient and pocket-friendly purchase. Online shopping enables one to shop without having to step out of one’s home, as per the convenience and budget. Irrespective of what one wants to buy, and of which brand, the internet provides various options. Online is the best place to avail numerous offers and discounts on shopping portals. The shopify apps help one to skip the tedious cart process while shopping online. There are numerous benefits of shopping online that can make one ditch the traditional way of shopping, some of them are as follows:

    When one is shopping online he or she doesn’t have to worry about the closing hours as the shopping portals are available to shoppers 24/7. These portals also allow one to make necessary communication with the sellers so as to procure products based on one’s convenience, they also allow one to make a necessary suggestion based on one’s experience during shopping. With shopify apps the experience of shopping becomes really fun. One can make logical comparisons between brands, places and the quality of the product based on one’s choice and requirement. Going physically from one store to another is very hectic, whereas browsing one shopping portal after another is quite convenient and time conserving. These portals also give incentives to the customers based on their frequent purchases.

    Online provides you ample amount of options and varieties in brands and products. Shopping online makes the entire process of browsing simpler and consumer- friendly. These online portals come up with updates frequently so as to make the shopping experience for the consumers more efficient. With each update, they expect a rise in consumer count due to the efficiency of the portal. A consumer may just punch in the brand and product name and find a million varieties based on their preference without having to deal with the ordeal of the traditional mode of shopping. One can just sit at their home or office and order what they want to but without wasting hours in the shopping malls or markets.

    Traditional sales dealing big brands usually involve large crowd from everywhere, which makes sure that you lose out hours in the queue. Whereas sales online save energy and time, one doesn’t have to spend hours due to the glitch of the queue. One barely takes minutes to procure the product that one wants to buy online from the sale. One doesn’t have to deal with long queues at the billing counters online as one can just log into order section without any inconvenience within seconds and order whatever one wishes to buy. These portals deliver the desired at one’s doorstep.

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    Benefits of Joining Oracle ATG Online Training

    At the present, Oracle is the largest software company. The certification course of Oracle is the most profitable bet from the career viewpoint. In IT domain, we all know the importance of Oracle certification and courses. Presently, such certifications are the most valid and highly appreciated in the IT industry. If you are willing to take your IT career to the next level of success, then you can go to the Oracle ATG training. It is one of the best and globally accepted training courses nowadays.

    Advantages of Oracle ATG Training

    Although there are countless benefits associated with the Oracle ATG training, many of us are not able to join such training for a better career. In that case, Oracle ATG online training is also there. By joining the online classes, you can benefit your career easily.

    Just take a look at the amazing benefits associated with this fabulous Oracle ATG online training:

    1. By enrolling yourself in the training of Oracle, you actually open the doors of countless job opportunities. When you have the Oracle certification, it is not restricted to one or two job roles. In fact, it is suitable for different job profiles and responsibilities.
    2. When you are in the software development, database administration, web administration, or in the analysis field, this Oracle certification proves as a book for your career. You can actually speed up your career through this certification.
    3. No matter whether you are a fresher or an experienced one, Oracle ATG course always boosts up your career. In order to stay updated and aware of the latest technology and innovations, Oracle training is very important.
    4. If you are looking for a senior profile job, then Oracle can make the real difference. By joining Oracle training, you can brush up your existing skills and develop the newer set of skills as well. By having a strong bunch of skills, you will have better chances to get the best job opportunity.
    5. If you really want to get a competitive edge by developing better skills, then Oracle is the perfect solution for that. No matter whether you join online classes or classroom training, such certifications are extremely helpful in making your career inspiring.
    6. By having an appealing set of skills, you can easily get noticed in the right places in front of the right people. It is suggested not to forget to add the certification details in your resume.
    7. When you are skilled and certified, then you will have sky is the limit for job opportunities. Better skills are equal to rewarding opportunities. Hence, in order to make your career successful and worthy, it is best to join Oracle training.
    8. Last but not the least benefit of joining the Oracle training is the global acceptance that you can easily gain.It is a reliable training program to benefit your career. Oracle ATG Training benefits to grow E-business for your company.

    So, these are the amazing benefits associated with the Oracle ATG training program. The same benefits can be gained by joining any other module of Oracle training. Oracle ATG online training is also there to take your career further.

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    Simplify Your Space Decoration Process With Professional Designers

    At present, the interior designing sector is one of the most emerging sectors. We all want perfection in every work. This is the reason behind the massive growth of this sector. As interior designing is a versatile profession, it is highly valuable and important in the present scenario. Such services are not just for providing an identity to space, but it is all about making a space cheerful and vibrant by imbuing the right combination of colors and creativity. Presently, there are many well-reputed names available, but we are going to tell you about the Top 10 Interior Designers and companies.

    Top 10 Interior Companies and Designers are as Follows:

    • LipikaSud Interiors Pvt. Ltd.: The very first name in the list is LipikaSud Interiors Pvt. Ltd. They are in the market for the last 22 years. They are experts in providing solutions for interior designing, architecture, consultation, and turnkey interior designing. They specialize in providing exceptional services for corporate and commercial spaces.
    • Geo Designs: When it comes to quality and reliable interior designing services, Geo Designs is one of the most reputed and dependable names. They have set up their business in 2000 and now they are among the most popular names in the industry. They have gained such reputation just because of their excellent work and the highest level of professionalism. They are expert in transforming your ordinary space into the most majestic one.
    • Krishna Construction India: KCI or Krishna Construction India is a comprehensive platform to get the solution for all your interior, architecture, and construction related needs. Their experience spans different sectors. When your space needs something extraordinary, you can count on KCI for the best.
    • Synergy Corporate Interiors Pvt. Ltd.: The company was founded in 1988. They specialize in corporate interiors. They work excellently and their professionalism reflects in their work. Their team is the only key to their excellent progress.
    • Futomic Design Services: They have created a niche in the industry of interior designing by providing excellent services. They have a great team of highly skilled and energetic interior designers and they provide services for residential, commercial, and office spaces.

    • Carafina Interiors: It is one of the most reliable and well-known names in the interior designing fraternity. They believe in providing quality, excellent, honest, and transparent designing services at the lowest possible rates. Residential designing is their main area of work.
    • Bellacasa Interiors: They have earned a huge clientele, just because of their dedication and hard work. Office interior designing services are the main functionality area of Bellacasa Interiors. Their team of skilled designers works systematically in order to fulfill all the requirements of the client.
    • 100 Krafts: If you are looking for someone who can provide you with quality interior services at an affordable cost, then you can grab this assurance from 100 Krafts. They have accomplished more than 1000 projects. In simple words, they are capable of fulfilling and completing any kind of project within the given time. 100 Krafts is all about giving you quality services without burning a hole in your pocket.
    • Traditional Interior & Construction Pvt. Ltd.: No matter what your requirements are, Traditional Interior & Construction Pvt. Ltd. is always there for your help. As the name suggests, you will get a blend of traditional and contemporary designs from them. You can hire them to design and decorate flawlessly all kinds of commercial organizations and business institutions.
    • Interia: They have a great and deep competence to plan, execute, and handle everything by keeping all the precise needs in mind. They are reliable, professional, and pocket-friendly interior design service provider for residential and commercial spaces.

    So, these are the Top 10 Interior Company available in the different corners of the country. If you really want to make your space engaging, inspiring, and productive, hire a professional interior service provider like Geo Designs for desired outcomes.


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    Best 3 Things to Do around Komodo National Park

    For those who are looking for a good destination for their holiday trip, choosing Komodo Island as your destinations can be a wonderful solution. Komodo Island is one of the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia next to Bali and Yogyakarta. It is due to the popularity of komodo dragons, a rare species of big lizard that live exclusively in the island.

    In this passage, we will give some tips regarding your travel to Komodo Island. The information is listed below:

    • Spotting Manta Ray in Komodo Islands: there are several Manta Points in Komodo Islands. The places are named as Manta Points because in this place you have a great chance to spot Manta Rays swimming in the ocean. You can visit these places by joining boat tours. If you are lucky enough, you can spot not only one Manta Ray, but a group of them. You may request to your tour guide to stop the boat for a while and grab your snorkel kit to swim together with the exotic fish. There are two main points of Manta Points, the closest one is called Manta 2. Manta 1 is a bit far, with one hour boat ride from Komodo National Park, the ride is worth it, because the place has a magnificent clarity that you can even see the coral reefs from your boat.

    • Enjoying leisure time at Le Pirate: this type of accommodation is considered the most extraordinary place to stay in Komodo Islands. This ‘hotel’ offered around 15 separated tiny bungalows, each room only gave a private bathroom and one single bed. These tiny house rooms are located at the 3rd floor of open building. In this building, you can find a restaurant with island theme and live music on the first floor. At the fourth floor, there is a tiny pool, bar, and sun deck which you can enjoy especially for stunning sunset views and delicious food. If you have no idea on how to spend your night, choose this place to stay and chill out with its unique accommodation style.
    • Visiting Komodo National Park: the main tourist attraction in Komodo Islands is of course its national park. With only $27 for entrance fee, you can see the legendary Komodo Dragons in their real habitats. A tour guide will explain about everything while you are sight-seeing the animal. Komodo is a dangerous animal for human, but during the tours, most of the time, the Komodo are not interested and too lazy to even react to the human. There are deer that can be hunted by the Komodo, but according to the guide, Komodo only hunt the deer once in a month.

    Those activities that are only a small part of what to do in Komodo Island. Short vacations are surely not enough to cover all the activities that are offered by this beautiful island. Nevertheless, this island will still give you a great experience and memories that you will never forget for the rest of your life.