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    Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime: Ruling the budget segment

    Xiaomi is the fourth biggest Chinese cell phone manufacturing giant on the planet. This company is best known for its reliably inventive smartphones. Once the customer purchases its device, he/she gets aconsistent upgrade to improve the device’s performance. Xiaomi has concentrated on themanufacturing of cost-effectivesmartphones. By and by, one might say that Xiaomi is gripping the hold of the budget smart phone’s market and giving an intense rivalry to other smartphone manufacturers. At Xiaomi, development never stops,and with each new device, they have something new and progressed. The buyers have set a confidence in the smartphones made by Xiaomi. Since the release of Redmi Note 4G, there has been much improvement in the innovation and devices launched by Xiaomi. Here, we will review XiaomiRedmi 4 Prime on the basis of details provided and will give a verdict whether the smartphone is worth buying or not.


    The most up to date and the coolest device by Xiaomi will be outin next month. This cell phone is named XiaomiRedmi 4 Prime. The smartphone has come up with Android 6.0 by default and may get an upgrade to Android 7.0. The device performs on Xiaomi’s custom UI named MIUI8. It is a double sim device and both the slots accommodating GSM SIM. In addition, the type of SIM housing is a hybrid slot which implies it is possible that one nanosim and one MicroSD card or two nanosims can be inserted. Indian 4G customers will be happy to know that this device supports Indian 4G bands. Two best advantages of this budget devices are finger ID unlock and fast charge support.


    The measurements of this gadget are 141.3(H) x 69.6(W) x 8.9(T)mm. The device dons a 5-inch enormous display. This smartphone weighs around 156 grams. Manufacturing material of thefront and back packaging of this smartphone is of metal. Colour choices for this device are gold, silver, and dark.


    It is shared earlier that the display size of this device is 5 inch. The screen of this smartphone is full HD which implies 1920 x 1080. The pixel density of this smartphone is 441ppi. Pixels are arranged so that it gives sharper and clear pictures and videos. It an IPS LCD kind of screen supporting capacitive touch with multi-touch includes up to 10 points. Screen to body proportion of this gadget is 69.92℅ which implies that the smartphone is practically thicker.


    XiaomiRedmi 4 Prime runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon625 MSM8953. It is an octa-core processor with two quad-core Cortex A53 chips clocked at 2GHz. The structure of this processor is 64 bit. Besides, the smartphone sports a 3GB RAM which implies smoother, speedier, and better operation. On board storage on this smartphone is 32GB which is best in class and it can be extended to 128GB. With 32GB locally available storage and considering expansion of storage with 64GB MicroSD card, this smartphone turns into a smaller computer on one’s hands. With the sufficient storage, one can store numerous movies, tunes, and shoot best snaps in full HD.


    The camera on this smartphone is viewed as great when compared with different devices. There are two cameras (i.e. front and back). The front camera is 13MP self-adjust with phase detection autofocus system (PDAF). The rear camera is accompanied with adouble LED flashlight. The picturecaptures by theback camera has resolution 4128 x 3096 pixels. There are fundamentally two settings, exposurecompensation and ISO control for therear camera. One can be specific whether to store captured pictures or recordings on onboard memory or external memory. The pictures can be captured in two modes, continuous shooting mode, and HDR mode. The camera features incorporate automatic zoom, LED flash settings, etc. The recordings can be shot in two modes, Full HD and HD with resolutions 1920 x 1080@30fps and 1280 x 720@120fps as required. The front camera is 5MP and doesn’t support automatic focus.

    Power Rating

    The battery on this gadget can be graded extraordinary when compared with several devices in same range. The battery capacity of this device is 4100mAh. The battery can keep going for 1 or 1 and half day without charging again. The battery of this device is Li-polymer type and not customer replaceable. The battery supports fast charging and can be charged to 50℅ extremely fast when on quick charge mode.


    This smartphone operates on 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. It is a VoLTEsmartphone which implies rich voice calls can be made over data. This feature provides better voice clarity and rich call quality. The device also has Wi-Fi network and furthermore can act as amobilehotspot. Bluetooth v4.2 is given to raise the transfer rate over Bluetooth sharing. Navigation can be done using and GLONASS.


    The expected price of XiaomiRedmi Primein India is in the range 8k-9k. This device is definitely worth buying at the mentioned price. For more details and its availability, once can visit 91mobiles.com.

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    Efficient Tips to Enhance Web Development Skills

    Since to run any business or any organization, what you need is a website. If you have a website, then people would be more likely trusting your firm or organization. Therefore, there is a great demand for the development of websites. As the demand for web development is increasing, the competition among the web developers is also getting toughest day by day. Everyone is in the race to become the best web developer. But do you know how you can become a robust web developer? Well, if yes, that’s OK! But if you don’t, then this write-up would help you to become an efficient web developer. Being a web developer, before providing anyone web development services, you should read the following helpful tips to enhance your development skills.

    Some helpful tips to enhance the web development skills:

    1. Clear floated lists:

    Clearing the floated lists is a great challenge for every web developer. For clearing the floated elements, you are required to adjust the appropriate height and in doing so, coding may become so complicated. Therefore, to avoid all such complications, you may add two properties of CSS to the list container which is present in the floated list.


    With the help of above-mentioned properties of CSS, height can be adjusted automatically without making any efforts.

    1. Sandboxing:

    If you wish to add some new techniques to your website, you may do it with the help of sandbox project. Using sandbox may ignore all types of needless clutter and therefore, the code can be easily debugged.

    1. Firebug:

    No matter how many browsers like Safari and Chrome have built-in web inspectors, but no web inspector can work effectively as firebug web inspector of firefox browser works. If anyhow, some small CSS problems occur on your website during the time of web development, then the toolbar Firebug works very well in all testing environments. The best thing about this toolbar is that you do not require to change the width of your website during the time of testing.

    1. Always add a comment to your code:

    While working in a web development service company, you might be working in a team and so, there will be many people in the team who will be debugging the website you are working on. So, to avoid any kind of confusion, it is good to add comments to your code as it helps another member of the team to understand the code easily.

    1. Automating the unit tests:

    It might take a lot of time to perform unit test manually. So, in order to save the time, there is a need to automate the unit tests as you get extra time on enhancing your web development skills.

    1. Security is crucial:

    Before you plan to go live on your website, think twice about the security of your website. To take care of the security of the website, run the security check several times. If it is okay, then you can go live to the website.

    Whether you are working in any web development service company or not, the tips discussed in this article will always help you to become an efficient web developer. Varsharthi is one of the popular web development service for business that has a team of efficient web developers who follow the above-discussed tips while developing a website.

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    Make use of different stimulators and get the best farming experience

    You would have heard about the “Scale Models” of various vehicles and equipment.  In many museums, you would have also visited where models of Guns scale and fighting weapons are still preserved.  These scale models are just like the real objects but don’t have such power to be operated.  Likewise, farming simulators are also the scale models of various equipments.  You can take the example of transporters.  The transporter in real, are the vehicles able to fetch the huge load to the farms and back to the market of house of the farmer.  They are also able to carry heavy logs of wood as well as the huge load of fertilizers.

    In the gaming, player is also able to use the power of vehicles to discharge various functions associated.  The heavy duty trucks are able to perform with 4WD as well as normal 2WD.  Differential assembly fitted in the vehicles is able to shift the gear pattern according to the command ordered.  You can get the real view of the farming simulators on fs2017-mods.com.

    Main facility available with this site is the technical support and updation of content.  In case you have heard that a specific vehicle being shown on the site has been superseded by market, you can send your query and the company will update its record.  Sooner you will see the latest and updated version of concerned vehicle or equipment.  In case the threshing equipment is being downloaded, you will not need to download the allied tools separately.  All the tools are well zipped in same file and can be downloaded in one go.  In your system, flash player installation is must to view the videos.  Regular updation is the specialty of this site and one can get latest updated version of all the farming simulators. Recently you can find fs 2017 mods which is the recent development in this farming game. You can get all the new related to this updation in their official website. This will greatly helps you to know all the important facts about the games and its features.