Month: November 2016

Pre and Post operative Instructions for Relex Smile

Relex Smile is a laser procedure that help achieve spectacles or contact lens independence for patients who are suffering from myopia and or astigmatism. Just like in LASIK, the treatment isachieved by reshaping the cornea of the patient through the use of a laser. The treatment process is similar to that of a LASIK surgery. The difference between ReLEx SMILE surgery and LASIK is that one uses femtosecond laser and other uses excimer laser. Also with ReLEx SMILE, there is no flap created thus leaving the entire cornea strength stronger.

The procedure

The surgery is completed within 20 to 30 minutes for both eyes. The patient’s eyes will be anesthetized with local anesthesia eye drops. Anxiolytic pre-medication are also given prior to the operation to calm the patient. The femtosecond laser will be used to shape the membrane/ lenticule under the cornea surface. This procedure takes only 24 seconds regardless of the prescription. The shaped stromal lenticule is then removed via a keyhole incision and then the treatment is over.

Relex Smile

For your post-surgery care, your doctor or surgeon will prescribe you with antibiotic eye drops, steroidal eye drops and lubricating eye drops. Be sure to follow the recommended treatment strategy.You are also advised to avoid rubbing the eyes for about 3-5 days to avoid any trauma to the eye.

If you are considering ReLEx SMILE surgery, you need to be fully aware of its pros and cons. This is to help you decide whether the pros outweigh the cons or it’s the other way around. To help you decide, we have compiled the list of advantages as well as disadvantages of this procedure. These are the advantages of ReLEx SMILE:

  • It is a painless, comfortable, and quick procedure
  • Since there is an absence of the flap, there is no risk of flap dislodgement or complication
  • Keyhole surgery reduces the risk of infection and inflammation and promotes rapid healing time
  • Better long term stability of results
  • Lesser disruption of corneal nerves thus the lacrimal reflex will be maintained
  • Lower probability of having dry eye problem
  • Patients can go back to work three to five days after the surgery

While there are many advantages associated with the Relex Smile, there are also cons that come with it.

These include:

  • Not advisable for people with long-sightedness.
  • It can only be performed for patients who suffer from shortsightedness (myopia) or astigmatism. It is not suitable for low myopia corrections below 150 degrees.
  • ReLEx SMILE is a one-time procedure. In an event if there is a need for subsequent enhancement, it has to be done on the surface through procedures like PRK.

All of the medical procedures have their advantages as well as disadvantages. It is better to be fully informed of them so you can decide if a procedure is really right for you. To have more information on the pros and cons of Relex Smile, be sure to contact Atlas Eye. Their staff members are knowledgeable and skilled in delivering quality services. Visit their website for more information about their eye care services or to schedule an appointment.


Get All Your Answer With Psychicvault

Psychicvault is the platform where you can ask your questions and get a prediction of your future. Psychicvault offers first free psychic reading online. You may also ask your questions on phone or via mail. Psychicvault have thousands of best and reputable psychic professionals, tarot card readers, psychic reading experts and many others who can do this for the person.

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Some people think psychic readers are different from normal human being but this is not true. Psychic readers are normal human being. They have sensation about parapsychic energy and intuitions. They only follow their intuition to get the answers.

  • Why should I need a psychic reading?

Everyone wants success and happy life and also you want success, love, and a good career. Psychic reading helps you to predict what is good for you and what should you do. You may overcome your problems if you try psychic reading. So find your path to certainty.

  • How it works and does it work online?

Psychic reading is based on the vibration of energy and intuitions. Psychic professionals are sensitive to spirits or soul; they find the prediction and advice on the basis of energy. They follow instructions of their intuitions.

psychic reading

It is completely fine to have psychic reading online. Because distance does not matter, only you have to ask your question and have focus.

  • Why psychicvault for a psychic reading?

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  • How may consider good psychic reading?

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  • Why and how much should I pay for a psychic reading?

Psychic readers are professionals as other professionals. Everyone has the basic requirement of money. These professional work for their interest and passion.

Your charge of psychic reading depends on your question or how much time you take. Some psychic professional charge as per question or some as per time limit. You can find your psychic advisor according to your budget limit. Your prediction depends on your budget because best psychic advisor has high charges. You can also find some good psychic advisor in your limited budget.




Body Scrub Procedure And Benefits

Body scrubbing is a process where the skin is exfoliated and hydrated to remove the dirt, leaving it soft and smooth. The scrub is usually made up of oil with salt or sugar. After the scrubbing,  prefer good quality moisturizer should be applied to moisturize the skin. It is important to apply moisturizer since the scrub will dry the skin out. Many people get stressed at work and with everyday activities. Your stress could show up on your skin. The more you get stressed, the more your skin will look old and dull. Taking care of your skin is important since it is the frontline of your beauty. Body scrub services in a spa in Singapore is one of the ways you can take care of your skin.

There are spas that provide body scrub services with the expertise of their practitioners. They specialize in the right way of applying body scrubs. The body scrub will make your skin look young as well as it will help you release your stress. Let us look at how body scrubbing is done and the benefits that we can get from it.

What Happens During The Body Scrubbing Session?

You will be asked to remove your clothes and a disposable undergarment will be given to you. You will wear only that and you’ll be asked to lie on the therapy table draped with towels. Usually body scrubbing is done in a wet room where there is access to water or Vichy shower. You will be asked to lie facing the therapy table. The practitioner will start rubbing the mixture of body scrub on your back. The part which the body scrub will not be applied to yet will be covered with towels or a disposable sheet.

spa in singapore

After the scrubbing is done, you will be asked to take a shower to remove the beads. Remember not to use any shower gel. It would be much better to let the oil from the body scrub stay on your skin. Rinse off properly so you will not bring the beads back on the therapy table. If the wet room has an access to water or Vinchy shower, the practitioner will rinse off the beads for you.

After you have already rinsed off, you will go back to the therapy table with fresh linens and towels waiting for you. The practitioner will then apply a moisturizing lotion or oil in your body.

What Are The Benefits That You Can Get From Body Scrub?

  • It will remove the dirt that is not easily removed by water and soap

The body scrub will help you get rid of hard to remove dirt that has stayed on your skin for quite a long time.

  • It will make your pores smaller

Your pores will appear smaller since the dirt that has accumulated on the pores will be removed. Your pores will basically go back to their normal size.

  • It will rejuvenate your skin

Dead skin cells that make your skin appear old will be removed, giving you new skin that looks and feels soft.

  • It will release your stress

Body scrubbing relaxes your skin as well as you. You will be able to relax yourself during the process and it will make you feel good after the process is done.

  • Your circulation and energy will be distributed to create balance.

The rubbing of body scrub on your body will allow better circulation of blood and energy in your body, making you feel better inside and out.

Body scrubbing is very important and very helpful in keeping your skin healthy. If your skin is healthy, you will feel prettier inside and out. The feeling of freshness will be there, making you more energetic and less stressed. You can find a spa in Singapore that provides great body scrub services and they also use high quality body scrubs that will take care of your skin. They can offer options of what body scrub to use since they understand that not everyone has the same skin type. They will assess what skin type you have to give you the appropriate body scrub that will work well on your skin.

How the bloggers get affected by the fake Instagram likes?

One way is by shopping for additional ‘likes’ in an exceedingly mass quantity right when uploading a photograph, however not shopping for additional followers. That means image winds up on the favoured page, that successively sometimes means that gaining organic followers owing to the free packaging. Whereas you will be ready to boast that your image created it to the favoured page, this particular method is not the property unless you’re purchasing the additional “likes” whenever you transfer.


With the 2 accounts higher than, each of that are on the popular page and belong to the fashion bloggers, it looks like each are victimization spamming to induce a lift in their accounts. The second example shows however another fashion blogger’s account is totally affected by spam comments. If a whole was educated within the issue of manipulating a artificial Instagram reach, they might in all probability notice these clues little curious. Instagram in style page like sozialy, is a part of its “discovery” facet it’s reserved for photos that have had a major quantity of recognition from the community, sometimes deciphered by the quantity of ‘likes’ the picture has received by fellow users.

The formula for older the popular page has been a way mentioned one, however Instagram has been quiet concerning what precisely you wish to induce there. the overall accord, however, is Associate in Nursing algorithmic program that has one thing to try and do with quantity of the ‘likes’ you get inside a precise amount of your time , divided by the quantity of followers you have got. Therefore, some folks could solely would like fifty ‘likes’ to air the popular pages like sozialy, et al may have thousands.
Being on the popular page is helpful for one purpose: obtaining additional organic followers from those browsing the popular page.

Common MistakesYou Still Make While Using Technology

Technology is a part of our everyday lives; it’s almost impossible to imagine your life without it. We have a lot to be grateful for – life is so much simplerwith technology by our side.

The ghosts of technology

Technology has been like a ghost that’s been haunting us in many forms. Laptops and mobile phones are known to top the list in technology based on the number of users.


Mobile phones are a great example of your long-lasting relationship with technology. If you’re challenged not to use your phone for a day or more, most of us are bound to fail. You would practically go wild without your phones! This portrays the interdependence of man on science and technology. The wide array of mobile phone manufactures provides customerswith a choice of mobiles to suit their needs.

The next best uses of technology you come across are personal computers and laptops. Gone are the days when you had to use typewriters,or had to walk into a library to get your work done. The introduction of computers and the internet has made information available at your fingertips saving you time and money.

Technology – boon or bane?

This is an interesting topic for a debate; there’s almost no way to arrive at a convincing conclusion. Let’s learn more about this keeping aside prejudiced differences. Technology has been proven to make a remarkable difference in the manner things were handled before and now. There have been instances where technology is deemed questionable in leading a normal life.


Technological advancement is ever growing and there’s always room for improvement. In the field of medicine, it has enabled saving lives andhas empowered the human race. On the flipside, ithas also taken a toll on our more adventurous side of exploring things on our own.

Weprefer to play games online rather than taking time to head out for a stroll,or hanging out with friends and family. This pattern has made a huge impact on our health and well-being,and is likely to trickle down to generationsto come.

The ball is always in your court. How it’s used eventually depends on the end user. The manner in which you make use of technology plays a vital role in deciding whether it’s a boon or a bane.

Go Green with Your Dream Home!

Why do you think more home shoppers seek for greener homes? The answer is quite simple. A green home can help you save up to 30 percent on water and utility bills. It brings comfort and improved indoor air quality for your home enhancing your living space.

Stay in a cost-saving environment

A green home is usually fitted with efficient and energy-saving mechanisms, like extra insulation, lighting and cooking appliances, water heaters, and natural lighting expertise. This would typically reduce the operating cost to a greater extent. In addition, many green homes save money on construction costs up-front.


Even if you plan to stay in your green home for five years or less, your savings would add up over time. Periodically, your total savings on energy and maintenance would add up to a lump sum. Cost-saving is a great advantage when you’re a homeowner. There’s a good chance that when you put your house on the market, it will generate a higher resale value.

Make a sustainable living

Cheaper energy is a thing of the past. Nowadays, homeowners are focused on building smaller, more efficient homes that minimize internal heat and maximize efficiency. You can cut the makeover cost to a great extent by following a few green construction practices, like choosing high-performance and low-impact materials, and a highly efficient home orientation.

Although picking the right materials is a key factor for sustainable living, going green is the foremost design concept. In other words, a green home must be well-designed, flexible, attractive, and must deliver pleasant living conditions.


5 musts for a green home

  • High-performance air sealants and insulation
  • High-performance windows
  • Highly efficient heating and cooling system
  • Energy-efficient lighting, kitchen, and water appliances
  • Tight construction standards

The advancement of science and technology has taken a huge stride in the housing market. Today’s green homes are more energy-efficient and affordable to operatethan the usual, non-green homes. You also get better indoor air quality and a year-round comfort.

Looking to the future

Nowadays, it’s a race to make houses generate their own renewable sources without compromising on comfort. In future, the cost of living is likely to reach its pinnacle; owning a green home will work to your advantage. Your green home will reap the benefits byhelping save thousands of dollars in costs while providing comfortable, eco-friendly environment.