12 Questions Answered About Write My Essay

You may be having mixed feelings about write my essay service because either you don’t how it works or because you simply don’t know what to expect. In this article we are going to answer the most frequently asked questions about write my essay. The information is going to help you understand about the service.

  1. How does WRITE MY ESSAY work?

It is simple and easy. You are required to complete a form online which contains all necessary information about your order. The important details include your topic, a number of required pages, preferred writing styles, referencing format, timeframe, and any other instruction. Then, after selecting your preferred writer and agreeing on payment, a writer begins working on your paper and submits a final paper before the deadline. Even before you get the final copy, the writer keeps you updated on the progress of your paper.

  1. What type of essays are done?

With WRITE MY ESSAY, various types of essays are written. These include; narrative, cause and effect, expository, descriptive, persuasive, critical, admission or scholarship essays, informative, and process analysis essays among others. All you need is to identify the type of essay you want and click write my essay to have your essay done. Other types of papers produced are speeches, book reports, team projects, research papers, business proposals, thesis, reviews, dissertations, and executive summaries among many others.

  1. Who writes the essay?

Companies offering write my essay service hire writers who are professionals and highly qualified. Every wrier is academically qualified with some having a degree, a master’s degree or a Ph.D. The writers are well-experienced and have required writing skills. The writers come from practically every field. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about having low quality work. There are writers who are specialists in every subject holding necessary knowledge for handling any topic. Additionally, every writer goes through a vetting process and those who qualify are trained to become expert writers. You are thus guaranteed high-quality work. Don’t worry about the horror stories of unqualified writers being assigned your work. Companies ensure that high-qualified writers handle your work.

  1. Which formatting styles are used?

There are various formatting styles in writing including APA, Harvard, MLA, and Chicago among others. All of these are ideal. However, most instructors clarify the formats they require. In this case, their instructions are followed. For instance, if an instructor requires you to format your essay in MLA format, the writer will do exactly that. Every writer is well-experienced with all the formats and therefore you can expect proper formatting in any style. If an instructor doesn’t specify on the format, the desired format will be used. A standard page is considered to have 275 words. The Times New Roman in 12 pt fontis the most commonly used. The most important thing is ensuring that you instruct the writer properly on your expectations. You are allowed to always specify your desired format.

  1. Is there a chance of getting a plagiarized paper?

No. You get papers that are 100% original. Writing experts are well-experienced when it comes to writing original papers. They know how to paraphrase, reference, and use quotes to avoid plagiarism. Reliable and trustworthy writers guard against plagiarism. They ensure that every work they produce is original. Pre-written essays are not re-used. This ensures that you always get plagiarism-free papers.

  1. How much does it cost?

Pricing for every paper is different. For urgent and long orders the prices are not fixed. Companies offering the services have varying pricing policy. Some are cheaper than others. All you need to do is select the one with your most preferred and affordable price. Mostly, the prices are determined by the number of pages, topic, urgency, and academic level. All in all,write my essay is affordable for every student regardless of their budget.

  1. Are there any discounts?

There are many types of discounts that are offered towrite my essay. These include; discounts for new time customers, discounts for loyal customers, special discounts that come during holidays and towards the end of a semester, and routinized discounts for all. There are also discounts for ordering a certain number of pages. This means that every customer qualifies for at least one of the discounts.

  1. What happened if I am unsatisfied with the final product?

If you are not satisfied with the delivered work, you are offered a free revision. When some instructions are overlooked or when you need any changes, the writer makes the revisions. Free-revision is usually one of the guarantees towrite my essay. If that writer is unable to deliver a quality paper, another writer is assigned the work. However, if the writers fail to comply with your standards, you are refunded the money paid for the work.

  1. How much time is needed to have the paper delivered?

The amount of time taken to deliver the final work varies. For urgent orders, the essay can be delivered within hours. This depends on the amount of time you have or deadline to deliver your essay. For other papers, five days is used as the standard time. However, the length and complexity of your work may require more time to deliver high-quality work. Most importantly, with write my essay, you always get your work before the deadline.

  1. Are customers assured of confidentiality?

Yes. write my essay maintains confidentiality. Personal information is not shared with third parties. Research papers are not resold or recycled. Writers and clients are required not to share personal details to prevent their use without consent.

  1. Are payment methods safe?

Debit, or credit card, and PayPal are used as payment methods. PayPal is the best in handling payments. It is well known for offering secure and reliable payment solutions online. This ensures that your financial transactions are safe and secure.

  1. Is it possible to cancel an order after paying for it?

If you have paid for an order and the writer has begun working on it, it is almost impossible to cancel it. It is only during rare occasions that the money is refunded.