10 men’s style hacks that really work

The internet is full of life hacks that do not work; however, once you work your way through the many so-called hacks, you will realize that there are a few gems hidden away. Here are some of the best men’s style hacks that really work.

Check whether trousers fit

It is handy to know that the space between your elbow and fist is approximately the same size as your waist, so no more waiting around to try on those jeans!

Don’t wash your clothes

OK, so you should wash your clothes, but probably not as often as you do. By only washing when needed, you are making sure they last much longer. The CEO of Levi’s states that you should never, ever wash your jeans.

Shrunk T-shirt

If your T-shirt has shrunk in the wash, just soak it in warm water with conditioner for five minutes, then stretch it back.

Bobbly jumper

If your jumper or sweatshirt is full of lint bobbles, fear not. Gently sliding a razor across it will remove the lint and leave your jumper looking as good as new.

Stuck zip

If your zip is stuck, try rubbing the tip of a pencil on it to loosen it. The graphite acts as a lubricant to help it become unstuck.

No more creases

Folding a jacket without creasing it is a nightmare; however, if you turn it inside out first, you minimise creasing. You can now feel free to look at men’s designer jackets from stockists such as safe in the knowledge that they may never crease again.

Smelly trainers

Place balled up newspaper inside your stinky shoes to get rid of the odour.

Remove Stains

Don’t throw away your favourite shirt because of an ink stain; instead, put a blob of hand sanitiser on it, pat to remove any excess, and throw it in the wash. Voila! The stain has gone.


If you smell a slight odour and don’t have time to change, add some vodka to a spray bottle, spray on your clothes, and allow to dry. The alcohol will take away any whiffs.

Buying a shirt

Always sit down when trying on a shirt. It may look good when you are standing, but it won’t be good if the buttons gape at your belly when you sit.