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10 Interior Design Styles For 2019

Find out about 10 amazing interior design styles for 2019 that can help inspire your decor and renovation plans for the year ahead. 

2019 is not here yet but it soon will be and if you want to ensure your home is completely on trend in the coming year, now is the time to start planning your decor and renovation.

Take a look at these 10 decor trends for 2019 to ignite your creativity and excitement for materials, finishes, accessories, colours, textures and patterns in the New Year:

  1. Grey Is Here To Stay

Grey has established itself as the new beige which means it is the neutral you choose when you want anything that isn’t startling white. Grey is truly here to stay and is the base palette for any basic decor scheme.

  1. Glass On Mass

Glass used in creative ways forms a large part of accessories and ornaments for 2019 decor. Veined glass types and flowing shapes are going to be everywhere, so it might just be time for your prized paperweights to finally reappear!

  1. Deep Green To Set The Scene

Deep green is opulent, natural and earthy and is a key colour and shade in 2019. From rugs, to complete walls painted in the shade, you can include this beautiful colour to create a modern deep canvas for furniture and accessories.

  1. Making The Most of Small Spaces

As dwellings shrink because of population expansion, how to be genius with small spaces is a skill a lot of people thought only applied to their knack at making the most of a box room they pay full rent for in London. However, it has become part of decor 2019, and making the most of any small space with multi-functionality is a key aspect of making your home modern.

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  1. Furniture That Gives More

Adaptive furniture is a design trend that embraces pieces that are timeless, that can work in different spaces, that have different uses. It is all about multi-functionality and workmanship.

  1. Boho Returns

Boho was kind of replaced by vintage although, for some it never really went away. But it is back for 2019 in a more smart and refined way that includes thought out mismatch and carefully selected second hand pieces, instead of quirky upcycled bits.

  1. Tribal Patterns Are Back

Tribal patterns are back to provide colour and interest to 2019 decor styles. They are the perfect way to add some pizzazz to your interior style if you’re not one to favour neutrals.

  1. The Feature Ceiling

Instead of a feature wall, there are now going to be feature ceilings. Attention directed upwards will include bright coloured ceilings, wallpapered ceilings and even molded ceilings. The more WOW the better.

  1. We All Love Curves

Lines are out and curves are definitely in. Soft and rounded furnishings are sensual and playful and add a lovely contrast to rather harsh linear pieces that have held the spotlight in recent years.

  1. Geometry Is Still In

Geometric patterns have been around a fair while and they remain a trend in 2019. From geometric porcelain tiles (try on Décor Tiles) to geometric art, whilst your glass and your furniture is going curvy, elsewhere the structure and lines remain in the form of geometry.

Of course, these trends are here to inspire and not to dictate. Do use them as ideas for your interior design in 2019, but also allow yourself to be creative and create a home that you love, afterall, it is you and your family who will be living in it and making memories in that setting day to day.