Promoting Business Events through Facebook

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Many Facebook users post events they’re hosting on the social media site to invite their followers to participate in their activities. The events may be anything from a parade to a fundraising event to the launch of a new product. When the event is posted, invitees can accept the invitation by posting whether they are considering attending, that they will be there, or if they cannot go.

How to Promote Facebook Events

Businesses can use Facebook events to promote their business activities to a certain group of followers. If you have followers within the industry and the event you’re promoting may be of interest to them, you can invite that group instead of the general public. However, if the event you’re sponsoring is open to the public, then you can invite all the followers on your account.

Facebook Calendar Connection

When you post an event to your business site, those following it will not only see the invitation on their timelines but they may also have notifications on their mobile calendars. Those followers who have the Facebook app on their mobiles will usually see events appear on their calendars from people who they follow or have friended on the site. They can pull up the site and give their response to the invitation by choosing to go, considering the invitation, or indicating that they are not attending the event.

Even though an event may be targeted at a certain audience, you can increase the number of people going on the event page when you buy attendees for your Facebook event. By displaying a large number of attendees, it will increase other people’s curiosity about the event and it may make them more likely to attend. Since an event can be a great way to network with other people within an industry, many industry insiders will jump at the chance to go, especially if they see influencers planning to attend.

Online Events

It doesn’t matter whether your event is offline or online; it can be promoted through Facebook Events. To increase their influence within their industries, many companies will create webinars for people within it. While some webinars will be open to the public, others may be specifically for employees or shareholders of the company with whom you want to share company information.

An invitation to the event will appear on the targeted audience’s timelines for them to respond to and it will appear on the calendars of those who have them connected to their mobiles. Along with webinars, businesses can also promote Facebook Live events through the calendar so they can present information to people and get instant feedback via comments. These types of events can help build your company’s brand and allow you to increase your engagement with your audience.

Purchasing event attendees can help influence others to attend an event and/or find out more about your business. Whether the event is online or at your brick and mortar location, a high number of attendees can make more people aware of and curious about your company.

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