23 Aug 2017

Transform your business to the next level with virtual phone numbers

There are certain things in a business that tells about it. Customers of a business will judge based on how the business meets their requirements. Particularly, a customer will assess the business based on the customer communication relationship. Any customer wants a business to be effective in communication. This is

16 Aug 2017

Need For Backing Up Your Computer

The meaning of computer backup is the mere clone copy of files from your computer to another place. In other words, it is the access of the original files which have been deleted from the computer. But if the same files exist in two places, it should be ensured that

09 Aug 2017

Why Google Pixel 2 will be the best smartphone

A new Google smartphone, called Google Pixel, is a really interesting Android device. It received many positive reviews from leading publications and experts. Nevertheless, we should note that Google Pixel cannot be called the ideal Android smart phone. On the other hand, we have several reasons to believe that the

08 Aug 2017

Key Factors that Establish Relevance of Implementing DRaaS

One can site myriad of examples to drive home the significance of Disaster Recovery as a Service or DRaaS for safeguarding mission critical data. However, the classic case of Toy Story 2 takes the cake.  The movie could never have seen the light of the day because the carefully restored

01 Aug 2017

Feature of a good backup software

In general, backup software is used for making copies of some data. Both free and commercial backup software is available. Both types of software provide its own functionalities. The choice of the software is typically based on the users need. However, there are some features that backup software must possess.

31 Jul 2017

Specs, features, and price of LG G7

LG is the first surprise those who arrived at the MWC show in late February 2017. During large-scale events, the Korean manufacturer has introduced its new flagship smartphone, the concept of which is radically different from the previous model G5. LG Manufacturers has set up a new target to take

25 Jul 2017

8 Best Free Online Meeting and Screen Sharing Tools

Share screen allows you to display your computer screen to one or more contacts. It is the perfect solution for business presentations, showing photos with friends and family, or getting help with your tech-savvy friend. Here, we will share some free web tools to share the screen for online meetings

21 Jul 2017

Top Benefits of Outdoor PTZ Camera

Compared to normal standard cameras available in the market, PTZ security cameras offer a number of benefits. With normal cameras, the field of the view is decided at the time of installation and you cannot change that without moving the position of the cameras. With PTZ cameras you will be

20 Jul 2017

Tubemate Video Downloader for Android Platform

Tubemate is a YouTube video downloader which enables its user to download videos according to his or her choice from YouTube without any problem. There are a lot of Youtube geeks present who spend a lot of time watching videos and downloading them. Since video format happens to be the

17 Jul 2017

Mobile Spy Software Compatibility with Android, IOS, Blackberry

Have you ever thought of spying on someone? It could be either for fun or maybe just because you are over protective about your kids. Well, whatever be the reason; spying upon someone who you want to can be real fun and at the same time anticipating too. All that