21 Jul 2017

Top Benefits of Outdoor PTZ Camera

Compared to normal standard cameras available in the market, PTZ security cameras offer a number of benefits. With normal cameras, the field of the view is decided at the time of installation and you cannot change that without moving the position of the cameras. With PTZ cameras you will be

20 Jul 2017

Tubemate Video Downloader for Android Platform

Tubemate is a YouTube video downloader which enables its user to download videos according to his or her choice from YouTube without any problem. There are a lot of Youtube geeks present who spend a lot of time watching videos and downloading them. Since video format happens to be the

12 Jul 2017

Different applications with auto attendant facility

If you have setup your business, you should have business phone system for your business. It will be plus point for development of your business if it is toll free. Your customer will be able to call you whenever they want without paying any call charges. Providing good services to

05 Jul 2017

Significant Factors to Look Upon When Selecting a Cheap Dedicated Server

If you have landed on this page, we assume you already know the benefits of dedicated servers on the shared hosting server. However, when it comes to taking a decision, a lot of factors need to be considered before you finally settle for one. Cost is one of the primary

22 Jun 2017

A must know for all the Data Science Professionals

We all know that Data is created every second and now it has become the force behind wealth generation. However, the difficult task is to the harness the data and make it reach the destination which is of profit generation and more eyeballs watching your website. But who will handle

07 Jun 2017

Samsung Galaxy S9 powered by the design of S8

Samsung launches the perfect device of the year, dubbed as Samsung Galaxy S8. And, now all eyes set on the next beast Samsung Galaxy S9. For the design of Samsung Galaxy S8, on the backside, too, things are not quite standard for Samsung. Since the front panel lost all keys,

25 May 2017

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Mobile App Landscape

Artificial Intelligence or AI is one of the hottest tech trends that have invaded the mobile space in the recent years. The cutting-edge technology has a promising scope for iOS and Android Developers looking to deliver unique app experiences. Nothing entices the users more than the idea of having a

19 May 2017

Web Development companies need to keep a check on the working of applications regularly

Share Point is widely being used by web application development companies these days. Companies need to adhere to certain regulations, structures to create a web environment that suit the needs of the end user. If a web application company has to design a particular application, they have to do it

17 May 2017

Security Loopholes That Can Prove to be Lethal for Your Client Website

There is no denying the fact that when it comes to hacking, hackers will leave no stone unturned. Besides their persistence, another common cause of security breaches is mistaking which we as individuals often make. Careless employees very often leave their passwords on post-it notes; so your office colleagues can

Virtual Phone Number The Best Help For The Growth Of Your Business And Brand Name
09 May 2017

Virtual Phone Number The Best Help For The Growth Of Your Business And Brand Name

If you wish to succeed in a business set up then you must be fast and spontaneous in your entire business related task. One of the most important things in order to run a smooth business is to take care of all the calls that come in. Phone is the