04 Feb 2019


There has been a paradigm shift in the methods of doing business around the world, due to the advent of the internet and its connected services. The markets have become highly disruptive in nature due to social media or mobile applications. Customers are looking for a different kind of purchasing

29 Dec 2018

5 steps to buy the right DTH HD connection

We guide you on buying the perfect DTH connection for your home, in 5 easy steps. Are you wanting to buy a new DTH connection? You can do so in 5 easy steps: 1 Look for the best channel packs. Every DTH provider offers channel ‘packs’ which are pre-designed by

30 Nov 2018

How to get the most from your business VoIP call lines

In the bad old days of PSTN telephone services, you used to have to rent a specific number of lines for your business. Once all of these were in use your callers would receive an engaged tone and your staff would be unable to call out. VoIP offers a lot

19 Nov 2018

How to Use SMS for Best Outputs

Small and big, both businesses are making the most of sms. Have you ever used sms services for your organization? There are beautiful things that these sms can do for you. They have the power to boost your business, enhance your growth and bring loyalty of your clients and customers.

16 Nov 2018

Facebook Private Profile Viewer App for Android

The social networking has become one of the most regular phenomena worldwide and people love to use the tech –creatures these days no time ever before. They use the instant messaging apps for communication reasons whether it is verbal or non –verbal and shared media stuff to each other in

14 Nov 2018

A step-by-step guide to set up a WordPress Staging Site

WordPress is undeniably the most consumer-friendly content platform in the current times. WordPress has numerous pre-made themes and plugins which make it a favorite among content managers and web developers. A WordPress site is built and then taken to a production environment. The difference in the versions of the development

24 Oct 2018

Choose More Reliable Seedbox at a reasonable cost

Everyone wants to have a high speed browser to download and upload files on their system.  Many ISP providers block contents and monitor browsing files. If you’re going to secure and privacy for downloading huge files, then seedbox is the best option for you. Seedbox is a remote server which

anti virus
17 Oct 2018

The 10 tips to keep the computer virus-free

Attacks over the Internet are becoming more frequent and in some cases more damaging. Learn how to keep your home PC protected in a simple way. I have an antivirus software, that’s all I need to have a clean computer. That is one of the most common phrases that are often heard

Small Business IT Support
05 Oct 2018

Different types of consulting services are offered at our company

The queries of the customers can be solved by the tech support available at our company round the clock. The needs of your business can be solved by the network professionals available at our company. You can contact our team if you want to schedule an appointment in advance. The

28 Sep 2018

The format is a very important feature of any dataset.

The format is a very important feature of any dataset. There are lots of formats which are used in different different contexts for a certain kind of process. Each format has its own benefits. Let us formats with an example of images. Image formats can be in the form of