Why Invest Demat Account- Know for Details

If you want to invest in the stock market, you must have Demat accounts. From the last decade, the entire stock market is going paperless and the technological advancement has made everything quite easy. Opening a Demat account has become so much benefit that you don’t need to maintain papers which is the aquite tiring […]

Compare and choose the best Moneylender

Know your Moneylender: Although you were hurry and facing a financial crisis, don’t rush to get a loan with unlicensed moneylenders which are many in Singapore. Make sure you choose best money lender from the ministry of law website as well as EasyCredit.com.sg, where a list of licensed moneylenders is provided. Top and genuine money […]

A Quick Guide To Preapproved Personal Loans

We are sure, you must have received an email or a call, claiming that you are lucky applicant you have won a pre-approved personal loan of a certain amount, from multiple banking institutions in the country. So is this a good option for you, if you are planning on availing a loan? Should you see […]

How to Handle the Compliance Related Functions in GST Regime?

The tax compliance requirement in India is about to undergo a radical overhaul once GST comes to force.  It is so understood that all the compliance related functions, post GST implementation, are going to be performed electronically.  Right from return filing to maintaining cash ledgers, everything associated with tax compliance functions is going to be […]